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Title: Сервиси базирани на пресметувањето во облак и модели за перцепција на квалитет
Other Titles: Cloud computing based services and models for perception of quality
Authors: Карадимче, Александар
Keywords: cloud computing, mobile learning, quality of experience, influencing factors, Bayesian networks.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ФИНКИ, УКИМ, Скопје
Source: Карадимче, Александар (2018). Сервиси базирани на пресметувањето во облак и модели за перцепција на квалитет. Докторска дисертација. Скопје: ФИНКИ, УКИМ.
Abstract: Cloud computing consists of hardware and software resources, available on the Internet as a set of services for users. The application of this technology creates conditions, users who use different types of mobile and desktop devices to simultaneously access shared computational resources that are available anywhere and at any time. This technology aims to provide stable, reliable and encapsulated dynamic information and communication environment for end users. Today users are offered a number of mobile applications, which are based on various computing services. The most common problem that arises for mobile applications users is the dissatisfaction with the speed of access to the necessary information. This dissatisfaction often results in a reduced perception of quality for the offered services. In this direction, service providers, from a technical point of view, have defined metric parameters, known as the notion of Quality of Services (QoS), which is carried out by provision and regulation of network parameters that are directly measurable. When the problem of the unsatisfactory level of quality of the offered services is considered from the user's point, it requires a subjective quality assessment of services. Most often, to make this kind of analysis, you use empirical research, using field experimental research in their opinion. Furthermore, these approaches for analysis are usually bulky and long, using complex statistical methods to assess the quality of the offered services from a user perspective. One way to overcome this problem is to propose models for quality assessment, which will consider the most significant factors affecting the quality of perception for the offered services. The proposed models within this doctoral thesis will provide a way of measuring and assessing the perception of quality of end users, also known as Quality of Experience (QoE). In this direction, the most significant impact has the use of services that are based on the cloud computing technology, in the process of improving customer perception for quality. There are various studies made within this dissertation aimed to differentiate the most significant factors that have the greatest impact on the quality of the offered services. The research is aimed at highlighting the scientific contribution of the importance of modelling the Quality of Experience for cloud-based media services, in order to propose a new way of determining the quality perception among users.
Description: Докторска дисертација одбранета во 2018 година на Факултетот за информатички науки и компјутерско инженерство во Скопје, под менторство на проф. д–р Данчо Давчев.
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