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Квантитативна металографија, практикумДафинка Стоевска-Гоговска, Ружица Манојловиќ2021Book
Квантитативна металографија, практикумДафинка Стоевска-Гоговска, Ружица Манојловиќ2021Book
Збирка задачи по општа и неорганска хемија (за студентите од Технолошко-металуршкиот факултет)Билјана АнѓушеваDec-2021Book
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Construction• J. Labrinsha, F. Puertas, W. Schroeyers, K. Kovler, Y. Pontikes, C. Nuccetelli, P.Krivenko, O. Kovalchuk, O. Petropavlovsky, M. Komljenovic, E. Fidanchevski, R. Wiegers, E. Volceanov, E. Gunay, M.A. Sanuán, V. Ducman, B. Angjusheva, D. Bajare, T. Kovacs, G. Bator, S. Schreurs, J. Aguiar, J.L. Provis2017Book chapter
Konstrukcija na zenska oblekaSonja Cortosheva, Maja Jankoska2021Book
Graphene and activated graphene as adsorbents for removal of heavy metals from water resources17. K. Atkovska, P Paunovik, A. Dimitrov, K. Lisichkov, M. Alghuthaymi, A. Grozdanov2020Book chapter
Synthesis, structure and properties of glass-ceramic from Fe-Ni wastesA. Karamanov, A. Kamusheva, E. Karamanova, B. Ranguelov, G. Avdeev, P. Paunović, E. Ljatifi, A. Grozdanov, G. Načevski, D. Karashanova2019Book chapter
Improvement of the Catalytic Activity of Pt through Synergetic Interaction with CoP. Paunović , O. Popovski, P. Khadke, U. Krewer, G. Načevski, A. Grozdanov, A. T. Dimitrov2018Book chapter
MWCNT/PANI Screen Printed Electrodes for Gas SensorsG. Chepishevski, A. Petrovski, A. Grozdanov, P. Paunović, A. Dimitrov, G. Gentile, M. Avella2018Book chapter
Electrochemical Synthesis of PANI/Graphene Nanocomposites Aimed for SensorsA. Petrovski , P. Paunović, A. Grozdanov, A. T. Dimitrov1, G. Gentile, M. Avella2018Book chapter
12. Springer 2018 ICMPMS_chapter 32.pdf.jpgMWCNT/Polyaniline nanocomposites used for pH nanosensors of marine watersA. Grozdanov, A. Petrovski , P. Paunović, A. T. Dimitrov, G. Gentile, M. Avella2018Book chapter
8. Springer 2015 NATO_chapter 48.pdf.jpgArtificial Neural Network Modeling of Cd(II) Ions Adsorption on Nano-porous Inorganic SorbentsS. Kuvendziev, M. Marinkovski, K. Lisichkov, P. Paunović2015Book chapter
7. Springer 2015 NATO_chapter 11.pdf.jpgCharacterization of Graphene Produced by Electrolysis in Aqueous ElectrolytesA. Petrovski, A. Dimitrov, A. Grozdanov, B. Andonović, and P. Paunović2015Book chapter
6. Springer 2015 NATO_chapter 24.pdf.jpgPathways for the Production of Non-stoichiometric Titanium OxidesP. Paunović, A. Petrovski, G. Načevski, A. Grozdanov, M. Marinkovski, B. Andonović, P. Makreski, O. Popovski, A. Dimitrov2015Book chapter
5. ITNMS-IDK  2012_chapter 1.pdf.jpgKorozija i koroziono ponašanje metalaSvetomir Hadži Jordanov i Perica Paunović2012Book chapter
3. Nanotechnological_Basis_for_Advanced_Sensors.527-532.pdf.jpgComparison of Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Anatase Prepared by the Sol-Gel Technique and Chemical Vapour Deposition on Naphthalene, in the Gas PhaseM. Marinkovski, G. Načevski, R. Tomovska, P. Paunović and R. Fajgar2011Book chapter
Production, Purification, Characterization, and Application of CNTsA. T. Dimitrov, A. Tomova, A. Grozdanov and P. Paunović2011Book chapter
1. Nanotechnological_Basis_for_Advanced_Sensors.579-597.pdf.jpgHydrogen Economy: The Role of Nano-Scaled Support Material for Electrocatalysts Aimed for Water ElectrolysisP. Paunović, O. Popovski and A. T. Dimitrov2011Book chapter
S_nanostructured-materials-for-advanced-technologica-394-401.pdf.jpgMixed nano-scaled electrode materials for hydrogen evolutionP. Paunović2009Book chapter
Elektroliza - Teorija i Tehnologija.pdf.jpgЕлектролиза - Теорија и технологијаСветомир Хаџи Јорданов и Перица Пауновиќ2007Book
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27