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Title: Model of regional development through rural areas as rural economic development poles: case of the Republic of Macedonia
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Authors: Gorgievski, Blagoj
Gjosheva Kovachevikj, Marija
Keywords: rural areas, rural development poles, regional development
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia
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Conference: VIII International Scientific Agriculture Symposium, "Agrosym, 2017" October 05-08, 2017, Jahorina
Abstract: During the regional economic development certain rural areas become attractive owing to concentration of economic activity through different channels of economy of scale, external economies and agglomeration of economic activities. Its has been formed like rural areas with certain formative economic development forces. Furthermore, their “spread effects” from growth poles cause induced growth in the remaining peripheral areas. These rural areas as a rural regional development poles are able to generate respectable economic impact in the geographical area becoming pole of the rural development in a certain rural region. In the Republic of Macedonia the model of regional economic development trough rural areas as a rural economic development poles need to have a major role in the formulation of a rural regional economic development policy, respecting the specificities of the regional development of small and underdeveloped economy.
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