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Emergency state of mandible fracture menagement in covid 19 pandemic area: a case reportValdimir Popovski, Alberto Benedetti, Goran Panchevski, Abdulkerim Bajro, Aleksandar Stamatoski.2023Article
Evaluation of carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFS) and tumor-associated macrophages (TAMS) in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC): an immunohistochemical studyIdoska S., Popovik-Monevska D., Petrusevska G., Pancevski G., Bozovic S., Kirkov A., Iliev A.2021Article
Tessier No. 7 cleft with macrostomiaIliev Aleksandar, Kirkov Antonio, Pancevski Goran, Popovski Vladimir, Popovic-Monevska Danica, Idoska Sanela, Stamatoski Aleksandar, Koneski Filip.2022Article
Enzymatic antioxidant capacty and salivary oxidative stress redox markers: verification of methods for further investigationStamatoski A., Popovic-Monevska D., Hadzipetrusev N., Grcev A., Kirkov A., Panchevski G., Dvojakovska S., Iliev A., Idoska S., Koneski F.2023Article
Osseous choristoma of the tonguePanchevski Goran, Iliev Aleksandar, Kirkov Antonio, Dvojakovska Suzana, Stamatoski Aleksandar, Koneski Filip.2023Article
Association of carcinoma-associated fibroblasts with clinic-pathological parameters of oral squamous cell carcinoma: an immunohistochemical studySanela S. Idoska, Danica A. Popovic-Monevska, Senada S. Pepic, Antonio Lj. Kirkov, Goran T. Pancevski, Suzana D. Bozovic, Aleksandar T. Iliev, Jana N. Trambulova, Aleksandar C. Stamatoski, Filip Lj. Koneski.2023Article
Geranylgeraniol Reverses the Toxicity Induced by Clinical Doses of Zolendronic Acid on Gingival Epithelial Cells and Gingival FibroblastsFilip Koneski, David Tipton, Jegdish Babu, Danica Popovic Monevska, Vladimir Popovski, Alberto Benedetti, Suzana Dvojakovska-Bozovic, Aleksandar Iliev, Goran Panchevski, Antonio Kirkov, Aleksandar Grcev, Aleksandar Stamatoski, Franklin Garcia-Godoy2021Article
Mandibular involvment of plasmocytoma – uncommon case report of rare entityPopovski V., Dvojakovska S., Benedetti A., Panchevski G., Stamatovski A., Janevska V.2019Article
TYPES OF SUTURING MATERIALS IN ORAL SURGERYBiljana Evrosimovska , Daniela Veleska-Stevkovska , Vesna Jurikovska-Sotarovska , Cena Dimova , Visar Disha2021Article
А-PRF AS A SOLO GRAFT MATERIAL IN SOCKET PRESERVATIONTrajculeski S., Veleska-Stevkovska D., Terzievska A., Gigovska -Arsovska., Lazov K., Spirov V.2023Article
The Effectiveness of the Influence of the Second Generation Platelet-rich Fibrin in the Treatment of Localized Individual Miller I and II Gingival Recessions (Case Report)Aneta Terzievska , Daniela Veleska-Stevkovska , Gordana Apostolova , Zaklina Mencheva, Stavre Trajculeski2023Article
Diagnostic and prognostic implications of the oral exfoliative cytology in oral precancer detectionNikolovski Bruno, Radojkova Nikolovska Vera, Evrosimovska Biljana, Veleska Stevkovska Daniela, Zafirova Biljana2023Article
Advanced platelet-rich fibrin versus sticky bone in socket preservation clinical and x-ray assessment:case reportStavre Trajculeski, Daniela Veleska-Stevkovska, Marija Trajculeski.2023Article
A-PRF supported ridge preservation for predictable implant successAliu Adem, Veleska-Stevkovska Daniela, Evrosimovska Biljana, Marjan Petkov2022Article
The link between the presence of an odontogenic radicular cyst and the body’s immune response (case report)Irena Stojanova, Oliver Dimitrovski, Daniela Veleska-Stevkovska, Mirjana Markovska-Arsovska, Vancho Spirov2022Article
Second generation platelet concentrate (platelet-rich fibrin) in its application in oral surgeryEvrosimovska B., Veleska-Stevkovska Daniela., Dimova C., Menceva Z.2020Article
Gow Gates- alternative technique or technique for everyday useGjurceski Jordan, Veleska – Stevkovska Daniela, Trajculeski Stavre, Lameski Milan2021Article
Peri-implantitis- tips in surgical approachCvetanovska-Stojceva Daniela, Veleska- Stevkovska Daniela, Aleksandrovska Ana, Evrosimovska Biljana, Micevski Bobi, Trajkovski Branko2022Article
Up-dates in articain use in oral surgeryLameski Milan, Veleska Stevkovska -Daniela, Josifov Daniel, Stavre Trajculeski, Bajrami Muhamet, Gjurceki Jordan, Lameski Maja2021Article
PRF supported socket preservation-a predictable implant outcomeVeleska-Stevkovska D., Evrosimovska B., Peeva–Petreska M., Apostolova G., Petkov M.,Aleksova P., Stefanovik D.2019Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6263