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Title: Античка епистоларна теорија: кус преглед
Other Titles: Ancient epistolary theory: a brief overview
Authors: Кочовска Стевовиќ, Светлана 
Keywords: Ancient epistolary theory, ancient letter, epistolary decorum
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Филозофски факултет, Скопје
Source: Кочовска-Стевовиќ С., „Античка епистоларна теорија: кус преглед“, Годишен зборник на Филозофскиот факултет на Универзитет „Св. Кирил и Методиј“-Скопје, vol. 71, Филозофски факултет, Скопје, 2018, 145-157 (МК) / Kochovska-Stevovikj S., “Ancient epistolary theory: a brief overview”, Annuaire de la faculté de philosophie de l'Université St. Cyrille et Méthode de Skopje, vol. 71, 159-170 (EN).
Journal: Годишен зборник на Филозофскиот факултет на Универзитет „Св. Кирил и Методиј“/Annuaire de la faculté de philosophie de l'Université St. Cyrille et Méthode de Skopje
Abstract: This paper is a brief overview of ancient theoretical views on letters: how the term ‘epistle’ (ἐπιστολή, epistula) was defined in ancient times, what was discussed in the theory of letters, what recommendations comprised epistolary decorum and what types of letters were defined in ancient handbooks of letter-writing. The purpose of the paper is to reconstruct ancient epistolary theory based on surviving evidence. Direct evidence of this theory are the excursus on letters in the treatise Περὶ ἑρμηνείας by Demetrius, two post-classical handbooks of letter-writing (Τύποι ἐπιστολικοί and Ἐπιστολιμαῖοι χαρακτῆρες), a brief tractate on letters written by the sophist Philostratus of Lemnos, one epistle by Gregory of Nazinanzus and the appendix De epistulis at the end of the rhetorical handbook by Gaius Julius Victor Ars rhetorica. Indirect evidence, on the other hand, of ancient epistolary theory are the not-so-numerous incidental references to letters and letter-writing that are mainly found in Cicero’s correspondence.
ISSN: 0350-1892
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