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Analysis of Latency, Blocking Probability and Network Utilization for Specific Routing and Spectrum Assignment Algorithm in Elastic Optical NetworksTeodora Kocevska; Pero Latkoski2019Journal Article
Analysis of Reconfigurability, Control and Resource Management in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksGavrilovska, Liljana ; Atanasovski, Vladimir ; Latkoski, Pero ; Rakovik, Valentin27-Apr-2015
Analysis of the Impact of AuthRF and AssRF Attacks on IEEE 802.11e-based Access PointBogdanoski, Mitko; Latkoski, Pero ; Risteski, Aleksandar 2-Jul-2016
An Analysis of the Impact of the AuthRF and AssRF Attacks on IEEE 802.11e StandardBogdanoski, Mitko; Latkoski, Pero ; Risteski, Aleksandar 30-Dec-2015Book chapter
Architecture of Billing System for OTT ServicesMarko Porjazoski; Pero Latkoski; Borislav PopovskiSep-2016Proceeding article
Billing System for OTT ServicesMarko Porjazoski; Pero Latkoski; Borislav Popovski2017Journal Article
Bluetooth Low Energy-based Smart Home Android SolutionPorjazoski, Marko ; Latkoski, Pero ; Popovski, Borislav Jul-2019
Case Study Analysis of DTV Signal Reception Near Large Water SurfaceLatkoski, Pero ; Gavrilovska, Liljana ; Paunovska, Lidija; Lazaridis, Pavlos30-Dec-2015Book chapter
10-1.pdf.jpgComparative Analysis for the Influence of the Tuning Parameters in the Algorithm for Detection of Epilepsy Based on Fuzzy Neural NetworksVesna Ojleska Latkoska; Marjan Stoimchev22-Sep-2018Article; Proceedings
Delay Modeling in SDN-based Mobile Networks with Single ControllerStrahil Panev; Pero Latkoski2019Journal Article
Estimation of maximal number of simultaneous video streaming sessions in LTE-AdvancedPorjazoski, Marko ; Popovski, Pero Latkoski BorislavJul-2017
Estimation of VoIP and Video Streaming Capacity of LTE-AdvancedMarko Porjazoski; Ivana Todorovska; Pero Latkoski; Borislav PopovskiSep-2016Proceeding article
3_Experimental Test..._CeliotTrud.pdf.jpgExperimental test of the effects of electrostatic discharge on an industrial networked control systemNadzinski, Gorjan; Stankovski, Mile ; Latkoska, Vesna Ojleska; Gochev, IvanJul-2017Article; Proceeding article
The Impact of the Most Common Assumptions when Modelling SDN-based Mobile NetworksStrahil Panev; Pero Latkoski2019Journal Article
Latency Evaluation and Modelling in Distributed SDN-based Mobile NetworksPanev Strahil; Pero LatkoskiNov-2019Proceedings
Methods for Radio Spectrum Evaluation and MonitoringLiljana Gavrilovska; Pero Latkoski; Vladimir Atanasovski2016Journal Article
Next generation of Mobile Core Networks – the road to 5GPanev Strahil; Pero Latkoski2019Article
Optimization of Spectrum Usage and Coexistence Analysis of DVB-T and LTE-800 systemsDenkovska, Marija; Latkoski, Pero ; Gavrilovska, Liljana 13-Apr-2016
Performance Analysis of Radio Access Technology Selection Algorithms in Heterogeneous 4G NetworksPorjazoski, Marko ; Todorovska, Ivana; Latkoski, Pero ; Popovski, Borislav 30-Oct-2016
Performance Evaluation of SDN-based 5G Core NetworksPanev Strahil; Pero Latkoski10-Jun-2019Proceeding article