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Naceva Fushtikj, Stojka
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1Bone mineralization disorders in patients with cystic fibrosis in Republic of MacedoniaSpirevska, L; Jakovska, T ; Fustik, S ; Zorcec, T 2018Article
2Bone turnover markers and vitamin D status in patients with cystic fibrosisJakovska T ; Mecevska-Jovcevska J; Fustik, S ; Zorcec, T 2014Article
4COPING WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – PARENT PERSPECTIVETatjana Zorcec ; Nada Pop-Jordanova; Stojka Fustik ; Tatjana Jakovska ; Lidija Spirevska2019Article
5Coping with cystic fibrosis in Republic of Macedonia – parent perspectiveZorcec, T ; Fustic, S ; Jakovska-Maretti, T ; Spirevska, L; Stamatova, AJun-2017Proceeding article
6CYSTIC FIBROSIS MUTATION SPECTRUM IN NORTH MACEDONIA: A STEP TOWARD PERSONALIZED THERAPYTerzic M; Jakimovska M; Fustik S ; Jakovska T ; Sukarova-Stefanovska E; Plaseska-Karanfilska D2019Article
7The health status of children with cystic fibrosis in Macedonia according to the CF Registry in 2015Jakovska-Maretti, T ; Fustik, S. ; Spireska, L; Zorcec, T ; Stamatova, AJun-2018Proceeding article
8Introduction of neonatal screening for cystic fibrosis in the Republic of North MacedoniaAnastasovska, Violeta ; Pesevska, Milica; Fustik, Stojka ; Stamatova, Ana10-Nov-2021Proceeding article
9Is there a place for ctx with cystic fibrosisJakovska, T ; Mecevska-Jovcevska J; Fustik S ; Zorcec, T ; Spirevska L2015Proceeding article
10Malnutrition in adolescent and adult patients with cystic fibrosisSpirevska, L; Fustik, S ; Jakovska, T ; Zorcec, T ; Stamatova, AJun-2018Proceeding article
11Methods for assessment of malnutrition in hospitalized childrenSpirevska L; Fustik S ; Jakovska, T ; Zorcec, T 2015Proceeding article
12Osteoporosis in children and adults with cystic fibrosis in Republic of MacedoniaJakovska, T ; Fustik, Stojka ; Zorcec, T ; Spireska, L2014Article
13Prevalence of low bone mass and vitamin D deficiency in pediatric and adult patients with cystic fibrosis in Republic of MacedoniaJakovska, Tatjana ; Mecevska-Jovcevska, Jasmina; Petlickovski, Aleksandar ; Fushtik, Stojka ; Zorcec, Tatjana 2014Article
14Psychological aspects of children with cystic fibrosisPop-Jordanova N; Fustik S ; Zorcec, T 2001Article
15Quality of life in cystic fibrosis: influence of some psychosocial factors on disease severityZorcec, T ; Fustic, S ; Jakjovska, T ; Spirevska, L; Stamatova, AJun-2018Proceeding article
16Quality of life in patients with cystic fibrosisZorcec, T ; Fustik S ; Spirevska L; Jakovska, T 2015Proceeding article
17The spectrum of CFTR mutations in newly diagnosed cases of cystic fibrosis through newborn screening in the Republic of North MacedoniaFustik, Stojka ; Anastasovska, Violeta ; Plaseska Karanfilska, Dijana; Stamatova, Ana; Spirevska, Lidija; Pesevska, Milica; Terzikj, Marija; Vujovic, MarijaJun-2022Proceeding article
18Two Years of Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis in North Macedonia: First ExperienceFustik S ; Anastasovska V ; Plaseska-Karanfilska D; Stamatova A; Spirevska L; Pesevska M; Terzikj M; Vujovic MJul-2021Article
19Δ508 mutation in patients with cystic fibrosis with low bone mineral density and vitamin D deficiencyJakovska, T ; Mecevska-Jovcevska, J; Fustik, S ; Zorcec, T 2014Article
20Дефицит на витамин Д кај остеопоротични и остеопенични пациенти со цистична фиброзаЈаќовска, Т ; Мечевска-Јовческа, Ј; Спиреска, Л; Фуштиќ, С ; Зорчец, Т 2014Article