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Full Name
Trpevska Shekerinov, Natasha
Трпевска Наташа
Наташа Трпевска
Наташа Трпевска Шекеринов
Наташа Шекеринов
Трпевска Шекеринов Наташа
Шекеринов Наташа
Trpevska Shekerinov Natasha
Shekerinov Natasha
Shekerinov N
Trpevska N
Natasa Trpevska
Natasha Trpevska
Н.Трпевска Шекеринов
Трпевска Шекеринов Н.
Наташа Т. Шекеринов
Trpevska N.
Trpevska Shekerinov N
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1IMG_6163.jpg.jpgTHE ADVANTAGE OF THE FIXED COMBINATIONS IN PATIENTS WITH GLAUCOMAI. Bogdanova; V. Dimovska-Jordanova ; K. Blazevska-Buzarovska; I. Ismaili; H. Duma; N. Trpevska-Shekerinov 2016Proceeding article
2AESTHETIC BLEPHAROPLASTY-COMPLICATIONS AND THEIR MANAGEMENTV. Spasov; Dejan Shekerinov; Natasha Trpevska ; B. Nikolovska; I. Ismaili; D. StavrikJun-2013Proceeding article
3AGGRESSIVE POSTERIOR RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY - A CASE REPORTBekim Tateshi; Vesna Dimovska-Jordanova ; Magdalena Antova; Natasha Trpevska ; Bisera Velkovska; Ana OrosJun-2013Proceeding article
4MMP 71(1) 2017.pdf.jpgANTI-VEGF IN MANAGEMENT OF MACULAR EDEMA IN RETINAL DISEASENatasha T Shekerinov ; Vesna Dimovska Jordanova ; Milco Bogoev2017Article
5Assesment of the thickness of the cornea during the early postoperative period of senile cataract phacoemulsificationI. Sazdovski; A. Angelovska; N. Trpevska ; D. Stavrikj; V. Dimovska-Jordanova Jun-2013Proceeding article
6Assessment of the characteristics of central serous chorioretinopathy through optical coherence tomographyTrpevska N. ; Shekerinov D.; Velevska-Antova M.; Dimovska-Jordanova, V. Jun-2013Proceeding article
7Bilateral anterior uveitis following zoledronic acid therapy in prostatic cancerNatasa Trpevska ; Dejan Shekerinov; Karolina Buzarovska-Blazevska; Milena Golubovic-Arsovska Jun-2012Proceeding article
8BILATERAL ANTERIOR UVEITIS FOLLOWING ZOLEDRONIC ACID THERAPHY IN PROSTATIC CANCERNatasha Trpevska ; Dejan Shekerinov; Karolina Blazevska Buzarovska; Milena Golubovic Arsovska Jun-2013Proceeding article
9BILATERAL X-LINKED JUVENILE MACULAR RETINOSCHISIS - OBSERVATION AND TREATMENTTrpevska Shekerinov Natasha ; Milena Golubovic ; Emilija Gjosevska Dashtevska 2021Article
10thumbnail (15).jpg.jpgCauses of low vision and blindness in children and adolescents in our seriesEmilija Gjoshevska Dashtevska ; Milena Golubovic ; Natasha Trpevska Shekerinov 2019Proceeding article
11COGAN REESE SYNDROME-A CASE REPORTIlir Osmani; Vesna Dimovska ; Natasha Trpevska ; Saso GjorgievskiJun-2013Proceeding article
12Corneal optico-coherence tomography - Experiences and applicationAntova Magdalena; Duma H.; Ismaili I.; Sazdovski I.; Trpevska N. Jun-2013Proceeding article
13Correlation between changes of peripapillary nerve fiber and the central corneal thickness at primary glaucoma evaluated with optical coherence tomographyDimovska-Jordanova V.; Blazevska Buzarovska K.; Bogdanova I.; Trpevska N. Jun-2013Proceeding article
14COVID-19 AND OPHTHALMIC MANIFESTATIONS: REVIEW OF THE LITERATUREEmilija Gjoshevska Dashtevska ; Trpevska Shekerinov Natasha ; Maja Ivanova2020Article
15Diabetic macular oedema: optical coherence tomography findings and effects of treatment of intravitreous application of AvastinGolubovic M. ; Trpevska N. Jun-2013Proceeding article
16Evaluation-of-corneal-changes-in-chemical-burns-with-anterior-segment-optical-coherence-tomography.pdf.jpgEvaluation of corneal changes in chemical burns with anterior segment optical coherence tomographyM. Antova Velevska; Hristijan Duma; Natasha Trpevska Dec-2015Article
17Evaluation of macular hole with optical coherence tomographyTrpevska N. ; Angelovska A.; Spasov V.; Golubovic M. ; Vesna Dimovska Jordanova Jun-2013Proceeding article
18102thumbnail.jpg.jpgEye problems in children with Down's syndromE. Gosevska-Dashtevska ; N. Trpevska Shekerinov 2016Proceeding article
19IMG_6166.jpg.jpgGood Protection for Good Vision - The effects of UV rays on the eyesNatasha Trpevska ; Sonja Janeva Celakoska; Bekim TateshiMay-2011Proceeding article
20medicus-gusht-2019.pdf.jpgGROENBLAD-STRANDBERG SYNDROMEНаташа Трпевска Шекеринов ; Емилија Ѓошевска Даштевска ; Милена Голубовиќ 2019Article