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Full Name
Simonovska, Natasha
Vernacular Name
Симоновска Наташа
Natasha Simonovska
Natasha K. Simonovska
Simonovska N.
Natasha Simonovska, PhD
Simonovska Natasha
Natasa Simonovska
Dr. Natasha Simonovska
Симовска Н.
Симоновска Наташа
Наташа Симоновска
Симоновска Н.
Велјановска Наташа
Наташа Велјановска
Велјановска Н.
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Knowledge 2019.pdf.jpgACUTE VENLAFAXINE OVERDOSE WITH POSITIVE URINE IMMUNOASSAY FOR TRAMADOL – CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC OVERLAP - CASE REPORT AND LITERATURE OVERVIEWPereska, Zanina ; Janicevic-Ivanovska Danijela; Bekjarovski Niko; Simonovska, Natasha ; Babulovska AleksandraJun-2019Article
2MJMS2010- art. nutrition in corr.pdf.jpgArtificial Nutrition in Therapeutic Approach of Acute Caustic PoisoningsChibishev, Andon; Simonovska, Natasha ; Zanina Pereska Jun-2010Article
3GEORGIAN MEDICAL NEWS 2020.pdf.jpgCLINICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL FINDINGS OF RHABDOMYOLYSIS IN ACUTE INTOXICATIONS WITH PSYCHOACTIVE AND CHEMICAL SUBSTANCESBabulovska A; Chaparoska, Daniela ; Velikj Stefanovska, Vesna ; Simonovska, Natasha ; Pereska Z ; Kostadinoski K; Naumoski K2020Article
4Conservative therapeutic approach to corrosive poisonings in adultsA. Chibishev; Z. Pereska ; N. Simonovska ; V. Chibisheva; M. Glasnovic; L. T. ChitkushevJun-2013Article
5Mat Soc Med 2012 corosives.pdf.jpgCorrosive poisonings in adultsAndon Chibishev; Zanina Pereska ; Vesna Chibisheva; Natasha Simonovska 2012Article
6summary adolc p.2.pdf.jpgEpidemiology of suicidal acute poisonings in adolescents registered at the University Clinic of Toxicology, Skopje, ZZ. Pereska ; D. Chaparoska; N. Bekarovski; N. Zumberi; Simonovska N. ; A. Babulovska; K. Naumoski; K. KostadinovskiOct-2019Proceeding article
7439#593_SIMONOVSKA-PAP.pdf.jpgIdentification of humoral immune indicators in some clinical manifestations in patients with heroin use disorder without hepatitis C infectionSimonovska, Natasha ; Zafirova Ivanovska, Beti 2019Article
8Influence of Duration of Heroin Dependence on Humoral Immunologic IndicatorsNatasha Simonovska ; Beti Zafirova Ivanovska ; Aleksandra Babulovska; Zanina Pereska ; Irena Jurukov; Liljana Trenchevska-SiljanovskaJun-2016Article
9MRJ article.pdf.jpgMalignancy in patients with opioid use disorder: A late diagnosis in patient on maintenance treatment with Buprenorphine, with lethal effect: a case reportNatasha Simonovska ; Antonio GligorievskiMar-2016Article
10Folia medica 2020.pdf.jpgNon-Opioid Substances Acute Poisonings with Suicidal Intent in Patients with Opioid Use DisorderNatasha K. Simonovska ; Velikj Stefanovska, Vesna ; Aleksandra Babulovska31-Mar-2020Article
11Buprenorfin cjelokupno ljekarstvo 2019.pdf.jpgPhysical birth outcomes in neonates prenatally exposed to buprenorphine – our first experiencesNatasha Simonovska ; Zafirova Ivanovska, Beti ; Babulovska, Aleksandra17-Sep-2019Article
12Srpski arhiv 2015.pdf.jpgThe Presence of Some Humoral Immunologic Indicators and Clinical Manifestations in Cryoglobulin Positive Heroin Addicts without Evidence of Hepatitis Virus InfectionSimonovska, Natasha ; Andon Chibishev; Cvetanka Bozinovska; Grchevska, Ladislava ; Dimitrovski, Kocho ; Violeta NecevaMay-2015Article
13MSM-program buprenorfine.pdf.jpgProgram of the University Clinic of Toxicology, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in treatment of drug addiction (buprenorfin treatment protocol)Natasha Simonovska ; Andon Chibishev; Aleksandra Babulovska; Zanina Pereska ; Irena Jurukov; Marija Glasnovic2011Article
14Pulmonary_thrombosis_in_acute_organophosphate_pois.pdf.jpgPulmonary thrombosis in acute organophosphate poisoning—Case report and literature overview of prothrombotic preconditioning in organophosphate toxicityZanina Pereska ; CHaparoska, Daniela ; Niko Bekarovski; Irena Jurukov; Natasha Simonovska ; Aleksandra Babulovska15-Jun-2019Article
15MSM-2014-2.resp.compl.corr..pdf.jpgRespiratory complications from acute corrosive poisonings in adultsChibishev, Andon A; Natasa Simonovska ; Bozinovska, Cvetanka; Zanina Pereska ; Smokovski, Ivica; Glasnovic, MarijaApr-2014Article
16Acta Inform Medica the role of EGS in corrosive p..pdf.jpgThe Role of Urgent Esophagogastroduodenoscopy in Prognosis of Acute Caustic PoisoningsChibishev, Andon; Zanina Pereska ; Natasa Simonovska ; Babulovska, Aleksandra; Chibisheva, Vesna2011Article
17Natasa toxico poracan.pdf.jpgSevere mushroom poisoning in one Macedonian familyChibishev, Andon; Zanina Perevska ; Simonovska, Natasha ; Petkovska, Lidija ; Miletic, Milena; Shikole, Emilija5-Sep-2015Article
18medicus.pdf.jpgTHERAPEUTIC APPROACH WITH BUPRENORPHIN AND METHADONE IN HEROIN ADDICTIONBabulovska A; Velikj Stefanovska, Vesna ; Jurukov I.; Simonovska, Natasha ; Pereska, Zanina 2015Article
19naslovna.pdf.jpgАСОЦИРАНОСТ НА СЕРУМСКИОТ ЛИПИДЕН СТАТУС СО НАЧИНОТ НА АПЛИКАЦИЈА НА ХЕРОИНОТ КАЈ ОПИЈАТНА ЗАВИСНОСТЖанина Переска ; Божиновска Ц; Петковска Л; Чибишев А; Симоновска Н. ; Бабуловска А2010Article