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Stoilovska, Bojana
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1Absent 99mTc-MIBI Uptake in the Thyroid Gland during Early Phase of Parathyroid Scintigraphy in Patients with Primary and Secondary HyperparathyroidismJovanovska, Anamarija; Stoilovska, Bojana ; Mileva, Magdalena ; Miladinova, Daniela ; Majstorov, Venjamin ; Ugrinska, Ana 20-May-2018Article
2Thyroid cancer detection rate and associated risk factors in patients with thyroid nodules classified as Bethesda category IIIMileva, Magdalena ; Stoilovska, Bojana ; Jovanovska, Anamarija; Ugrinska, Ana ; Petrushevska, Gordana ; Kostadinova Kunovska, Slavica ; Miladinova, Daniela ; Majstorov, Venjamin 2018Article