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Full Name
Ignjatova, Liljana
Vernacular Name
Ignjatova L.
Liljana Ignjatova
Ignjatova Liljana
Kiteva L.
L. Kiteva
Liljana Kiteva Ignjatova
Kiteva Ignjatova L.
L. Ignjatova
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Association between adverse childhood experiences and health risk behaviours such as smoking, use of alcohol and substance abuse in adolescenceRaleva, Marija ; Liljana Ignjatova Aug-2016Article
2Attachment style, self-esteem and manifest anxiety in patients undergoing treatment for opiate addictionDimitar Bonevski; Liljana Ignjatova ; Andromahi NaumovskaFeb-2016Article
3Articles_HARCP-2016-V18-I6-P37_IGNJATOVA.pdf.jpgCorrelation between duration of treatment and cortisol plasma level in methadone maintained patientsLiljana Ignjatova ; Spasovska Trajanovska, AnetaDec-2016Article
4Correlation between methadone dosage, cortisol plasma level and depression in methadone maintained patientsIgnjatova, Liljana ; Spasovska Trajanovska, Aneta; Bonevski, Dimitar Dec-2015Article
5Gender difference in the treatment outcome of patients served in the mixed-gender programIgnjatova L. ; Raleva, M.2009Article
6Screening for hepatitis C among injecting drug users in Psychiatric Hospital SkopjeIsjanovski, Viktor ; Kiteva L. ; Bonevski, Dimitar ; Naumovska A2017Article
7Stigma and Secrecy Coping in Individuals in Treatment for Substance Dependence in Macedonia and SloveniaIgnjatova L. ; Kastelic, A.; Shegrec, N.; Vangelski, S. KattusevskaMay-2018Proceeding article
8Surviving in the Workplace: Conditions in Centres for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug AddictionLiljana Ignjatova Apr-2019Article
9Women’s issues*Ravish Keni; Barbara Mostacci; Gordana Kiteva-Trenchevska; Laura Licchetta; Liljana Ignjatova ; Sanjeev Thomas; Kimford J. MeadorAug-2020Article
10Психолошки карактеристики на личноста кај пациенти со различен одговор на третманот на метадонско одржувањеИгњатова, Лилјана ; Крстеска Роза; Пачовска Н; Здравеска А2006Article