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Dimitrovski, Dame
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1Analysis of the factors influencing coefficients of pm10 emissions from household heating in Skopje region, International journal of ecosystems and ecology scienceDimitrovski, Dame ; Shesho, igor ; Tashevski, Done ; Sapuric, Zoran2018Journal Article
2Binary Co-generation Power Plant with SOFC – environmental aspectsTashevski, Done ; Shesho, Igor ; Dimitrovski, Dame 2016Journal Article
3Environmental benefits from optimisation of sustainable heating systems in SkopjeTashevski, Done ; Filkoski, Risto ; Dimitrovski, Dame ; Shesho, Igor 2017Journal Article
4Optimisation of Heating Structure in Urban AreasShesho, Igor ; Filkoski, Risto ; Tashevski, Done ; Dimitrovski, Dame Oct-2017Proceeding article
5Possibilities for improving energy efficiency in industry sector utilizing low temperature waste heat recoveryShesho, Igor ; Markov, Zoran ; Tashevski, Done ; Dimitrovski, Dame 2018Journal Article