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Aleksovska, Slobotka
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1Temperature dependent phase transitions and their relation to isosbestic point formation. Case study of C(NH2)3PbI3Bukleski, Miha ; Dimitrovska-lazova, Sandra ; Aleksovska, Slobotka 5-Feb-2022
2Solution combustion synthesis of YCoO3 and investigation of its catalytic properties by cyclic voltammeteryDimitrovska-Lazova, Sandra; Mir•eski, Valentin; Kovacheva, Daniela; Aleksovska, Slobotka 8-Feb-2011
3Impedance and AC Conductivity of GdCr1−x Co x O3 (x = 0, 0.33, 0.5, 0.67 and 1) PerovskitesPecovska-Gjorgjevich, Margareta; Aleksovska, Slobotka ; Marinšek, Marjan; Dimitrovska-Lazova, Sandra1-Sep-2014
4Examination of the influence of different variables on prediction of unit cell parameters in perovskites using counter-propagation artificial neural networksKuzmanovski, Igor ; Dimitrovska-Lazova, Sandra; Aleksovska, Slobotka Jan-2012
5The comparison of different teaching approaches related to the achievements of students’ knowledge and skillsAbduli, Shemsedin; Aleksovska, Slobotka ; Durmishi, Bujar12-Nov-2015