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Filiposka, Sonja
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Author:  Mishkovski, Igor

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1COMPARISON OF RECTANGULAR MATRIX MULTIPLICATION WITH AND WITHOUT BORDER CONDITIONSLameski, Petre; Mishkovski, Igor ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Djinevski, Leonid2013Proceeding article
2A Game Theoretic Approach for User Participation in Grid ProjectsMishkovski, Igor ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Kocarev, Ljupcho7-Sep-2008Journal Article
3Observing Dynamical Processes in Multiplex Networks by Using Edge CorrelationBogojeska, Aleksandra ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Mishkovski, Igor ; Kocarev, Ljupcho2013Journal Article
4Smartphone user’s traffic characteristics and modellingFiliposka, Sonja ; Mishkovski, Igor 19-Dec-2013Journal Article