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Ivanovska, Sonja
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Date Issued:  [2010 TO 2019]

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1vol48no3rad17.pdf.jpgAssesment of winter wheat advanced lines by use of multivariate statistical analysesBoshev, Dane ; Jankulovska, Mirjana ; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Jankuloski, Ljupcho2016Article
24.pdf.jpgConserving maize in gene banks: Changes in genetic diversity revealed by morphological and SSR markersAndjelkovic, Violeta; Nikolic, Ana; Kovacevic, Dragan; Mladenovic-Drinic, Snezana; Kravic, Natalija; Babic, Vojka; Srebric, Mirjana; Jankulovska, Mirjana ; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Bosev, DaneMar-2018Article
3MACEDONIAN AUTOCHTHONOUS VARIETIES: EMBROIDERED PEPPERS (Capsicum annuum L.)Jankulovska, Mirjana ; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Sandeva Atanasova, Nadica2019Article
4MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF GENES FOR QUALITY TRAITS IN MACEDONIAN WHEAT GENOTYPES (Triticum aestivum L.)Sandeva Atanasova, Nadica; Jankulovska, Mirjana ; Jankuloski, Ljupcho; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Bosev, Dane2019Article
5vol46no2_rad21.pdf.jpgMultivariate analysis of quantitative traits can effectively classify rapeseed germplasmJankulovska, Mirjana ; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Marjanovic-Jeromela, Ana; Bolaric, Snjezana; Jankuloski, Ljupcho; DimovZoran, D; Bosev, Dane; Kuzmanovska, Biljana 2014Article
6Variability of yield determining components in winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) and their correlation with seed yieldMarjanovic-Jeromela, Ana; Marinkovic, Radovan; Ivanovska, Sonja ; Jankulovska, Mirjana ; Mijic, Anto; Hristov, Nikola2011Article