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Zdraveski, Filip
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1Advantages of digital library for manufacturing injection molding tool over individual fabricationMojsovski,Kristijan; Zdraveski, Filip 2017Journal Article
2Application of similitude laws for experimental investigations of dynamic properties of tall prototype steel structureZdraveski, Filip ; Mickoski, Hristijan ; Petreski, Zlatko 2016Journal Article
3Glass - steel hybrid elements under four point bending testTrajanoska, Bojana ; Gavriloski, Viktor ; Bogatinoski, Zoran ; Zdraveski, Filip 2015Journal Article
4Influence of cutting parameters on the quality of the cut surfaces of steels with a laser beamRunchev, Dobre ; Zdraveski, Filip ; Ivanova, Irena2019Journal Article
5Investigation of self-excited vibrations in tread brake unit for railway vehiclesMickoski, Hristijan ; Mickoski, Ivan ; Zdraveski, Filip Feb-2016Journal Article
6Mathematical model of dynamic vibration absorber-response prediction and reductionZdraveski, Filip ; Doncheva, Elisaveta Feb-2016Journal Article
7Mathematical Model of New Type of Train Buffer Made of Polymer Absorber—Determination of Dynamic Impact Curve for Different TemperaturesMickoski, Hristijan ; Mickoski, Ivan ; Djidrov, Marjan ; Zdraveski, Filip Oct-2018Journal Article
8Modeling of single-fillet lap joint in Solidworks SimulationZdraveski, Filip ; Bogatinoski, Zoran ; Trajanoska, Bojana 2016Journal Article
9Review of factors affecting optimal number of cavities for injection molding of polymersMojsovski,Kristijan; Zdraveski, Filip 2017Journal Article
10Theoretical Calculation of Wind Response of Tall Structure with TMD and Comparison with Eurocode EN 1991-1-4 Procedure 2Zdraveski, Filip ; Mickoski, Hristijan May-2015Journal Article