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1Ankle fracture with syndesmotic disruption - effect on the functional outcomeSpasov, Marko ; Hasani, Ilir ; Arsovski, Oliver; Nikolov, Ljupco; Kaftandjiev, Igor Nov-2018Proceeding article
2thumbnail_20221021_084840.jpg.jpgThe effect of proper timing of hip fracture surgery in geriatric patients in first 24 hours after injuryTrpeski S ; Kaftandjiev I ; Stojmenski S ; Hasani I ; Nikolov Lj; Arsovski O; Merdzanovski I; Saveski A ; Trajanovski A; Andonovski A; Mihajlova M2018Proceeding article
3thumbnail_20221021_085205.jpg.jpgEvaluation of functional results in patients with lower leg fractures treated with intramedullary nailingTodorova T; Ajruli B; Kaftandjiev I ; Dalipi R; Samardjiski M ; Brzanov N; Saveski A ; Hasani I 2018Article
4Functional results following ankle fracture with syndesmotic disruptionSpasov, Marko ; Nikolov, Ljupco; Arsovski, Oliver; Merdzanoski, Igor; Hasani, Ilir ; Trpeski, Simon ; Kaftandjiev, Igor Apr-2018Proceeding article
5The Ilioinguinal Approach versus the Anterior Intrapelvic Approach to the Acetabulum: A ReviewHasani, Ilir ; Kaftandziev, Igor; Trpeski, Simon ; Nikolov, Ljupco; Saveski, Aleksandar ; Velkovski, Gjorgji15-Dec-2013Article
6311948871_548053927130678_1358281583122056140_n.jpg.jpgThe impact of preoperative reposition on the quality of physical and mental health in patient with a fractures of the neck of the femurSaveski A ; Trajanovski A; Todorova T; Hasani I ; Jahja D; Bozinovska BMar-2022Article
720221025_100650.jpg.jpgInternal Fixation vs. Total Hip EndoprothesisSaveski A ; Trajanovski A; Todorova T; Dalipi R; Gavrilovski A ; Bozhinovski Z ; Hasani I ; Trpeski S 2018Proceeding article
8312120337_688247668969554_3212478618806842388_n.jpg.jpgA minimally invasive approach to treating distal tibia fractures-Case studyHasani I ; Stojmenski S ; Kaftandjiev I ; Arsovski O; Kostov H ; Velkovski V; Emini S; Saveski A ; Dalipi R2017Article
9Most common postoperative complications in the femoral neck fractures in young populationSaveski A ; Trajanovski A; Gavrilovski A; Georgieva D ; Foteva M; Atanasov N; Kamnar V ; Nikolov L; Hasani I 2020Article
10thumbnail_20221021_085113.jpg.jpgResolving fractures of proximal femur in patients with osteoporosis over a period of two years-our experiencesTrajanovski A; Bozhinovski Z ; Kamnar V ; Gavrilovski A ; Trpeski S ; Saveski A ; Dalipi R; Popovski N; Hasani I 2018Proceeding article
11Revision rate following surgery for lumbar spinal stenosisSpasov, Marko ; Nikolov, Ljupco; Hasani, Ilir ; Arsovski, Oliver; Trpeski, Simon ; Kaftandjiev, Igor Apr-2018Proceeding article
12Sacrectomy with ilio-lumbar stabilization due to low-grade chondrosarcoma of sacrum and iliac wing. Case report of the first surgery performed in the Republic of North Macedonia.Hasani, I ; Popovska, D; Todorova, T; Rushiti, Q; Gramatnikovski, N ; Hasani Jusufi, A2021Article
13Surgical Treatment of Acromioclavicular Dislocation Grade III or IV with thigh Rope System, a retrospective study on the Clinic of Traumatology-Skopje in the period of 2015 to 2018Vejseli, Valentin; Ilie, Mila; Krstevski, Stefan ; Hasani, Ilir ; Kaftandjiev, Igor 2019Proceeding article
14thumbnail_20221021_085104.jpg.jpgSurgical treatment of proximal femoral fracturesSaveski A ; Dalipi R; Todorova T; Trajanovski A; Gavrilovski A ; Kaftandjiev I ; Kamnar V ; Bozhinovski Z ; Hasani, Ilir ; Trpeski S 2018Article