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Full Name
Georgieva, Lidija
Vernacular Name
Лидија Георгиева
Георгиева, Лидија
Georgieva, L.
Георгиева, Л.
Main Affiliation
Working groups
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1SYM-OP-IS 2019 Proceedings-25-30.pdf.jpgTHE APPLICATION OF THE NON-PARAMETRIC METHODOLOGY DEA: THE CASE OF THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIANaumovski, Toni; Cvetkoska, Violeta ; Georgieva, Lidija 2019Proceeding article
2Contemporary Macedonian Defence, article.pdf.jpgAPPLYING THE METHODOLOGY DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS IN THE DEFENCE SECTOR: LITERATURE REVIEWNaumovski, Toni; Cvetkoska, Violeta ; Georgieva, Lidija 2017Journal Article
3SYMOPIS-2016-Zbornik-radova-475-478.pdf.jpgDEA APPLICATIONS IN THE DEFENSE SECTORGeorgieva, Lidija ; Naumovski, Toni; Cvetkoska, Violeta 2016Proceeding article
4SYMOPIS-2016-Zbornik-radova-479-482.pdf.jpgMEASURING THE EFFICIENCY OF PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES IN NATO-LED MISSION IN AFGHANISTAN, ISAF: NON-PARAMETRIC APPROACHGeorgieva, Lidija ; Naumovski, Toni; Cvetkoska, Violeta 2016Proceeding article