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Kuzinovski, Mikolaj
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1Development of mathematical models for surface roughness parameter prediction in turning depending on the process conditionTomov, Mite ; Kuzinovski, Mikolaj ; Cichosz, PiotrJul-2016Journal Article
2Evaluation of the uncertainty contribution of the natural thermocouple characteristics in the empirical modelling of temperature during metal cutting processTrajčevski, Neven; Tomov, Mite ; Kuzinovski, Mikolaj ; Stevanoski, Goce2022Journal Article
3Modeling and prediction of surface roughness profile in longitudinal turningTomov, Mite ; Kuzinovski, Mikolaj ; Cichosz, PiotrOct-2016Journal Article
4A New Parameter of Statistic Equality of Sampling Lengths in Surface Roughness MeasurementTomov, Mite ; Kuzinovski, Mikolaj ; Cichosz, Piotr15-May-2013Journal Article