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Janeska, Verica
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1Challenges of the demographic ageing in the Republic of North Macedonia – current situation and prospectsLozanoska, Aleksandra ; Janeska, Verica ; Djambaska, ElizabetaOct-2022Journal Article
2How is COVID-19 reshaping temporary and circular labour migration: Serbia and North Macedonia perspectivesLukic, Vesna; Predojevic Despic, Jelena; Janeska, Verica ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra Jun-2021Journal Article
3Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the mortality in Republic of North MacedoniaJaneska, Verica ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra Apr-2022Journal Article
4Impact of Digitalization on the Labour Market: The Case of North MacedoniaJaneska, Verica ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra Jun-2021Journal Article
5Economic Studies Journal (Bulgarian Academy of Science) 2017.pdf.jpgUnemployment and a Stock – Flow Model on the Labour Market in the Republic of MacedoniaTrpeski, Predrag ; Janeska, Verica ; Cvetanoska, Marijana ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra 2017Article