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New Cryptcodes for Burst ChannelsMechkaroska, Daniela; Popovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Bakeva, Verica 2019Book chapter
New Decoding Algorithm for Cryptcodes Based on Quasigroups for Transmission Through a Low Noise ChannelPopovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Bakeva, Verica ; Mechkaroska, Daniela2017Book chapter
Numerical analysis of thermal loads on outlet tunnel of arch dam "Sv. Petka" - SkopjeCvetkovska, Meri ; Trombeva Gavriloska, Ana ; Lazarevska, Marijana 2016Book chapter
Numerical Analysis of Thermal Loads on Outlet Tunnel of Arch Dam Sv.Petka-SkopjeCvetkovska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Lazarevska, M.2016Book chapter
Jansen.pdf.jpgThe occurrence of sprouts of bioethical consciousness in MacedoniaDonev, Dejan 2012Book chapter
Optimization of Adaptive Petri-Net Grid Genetic Algorithm WorkflowsJakimovski, Boro ; Sahpaski, Dragan; Velinov, Goran 2010Book chapter
Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Finding Solution of System of Ordinary Differential EquationsJovanovski, Jane; Jakimovski, Boro ; Jakimovski, Dragan 2012Book chapter
Pathways for the Production of Non-stoichiometric Titanium OxidesP. Paunović; A. Petrovski; G. Načevski; A. Grozdanov; M. Marinkovski; B. Andonović; P. Makreski; O. Popovski; A. Dimitrov2015Book chapter
PCL/MWCNT Nanocomposites as NanosensorsGrozdanov, Anita ; Buzarovska, Alexandra; Avella, Maurizio; Errico, Maria E.; Gentile, Gennaro2011Book chapter
Pears: Cultivars, Production and HarvestingSelamovska, A.; Miskoska-Milevska, E.; Nikolic, K.2019Book chapter
Performances of Error-Correcting Codes Based on QuasigroupsPopovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Markovski, Smile ; Bakeva, Verica 2010Book chapter
Representation of Algebraic Structures by Boolean Functions and Its ApplicationsMarkovski, Smile ; Bakeva, Verica ; Dimitrova, Vesna ; Popovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra 2017Book chapter
Social_Policy_During_a_Decade_of_Centre-.pdf.jpgSocial Policy During a Decade of Centre Right Governance in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2019Book chapter
“Stem-and-leaf-plot,” In: Miodrag Lovric (Editor), International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science, 1st Ed., Volume 3Bucevska, Vesna 2010Book chapter
Understanding territoriality: identity, place and possessionFabrica2017Book chapter
Understanding territoriality: identity, place and possessionFabrica2017Book chapter
The Value of Life of the Embryo Observed from Two Different LensesIgnovska, Elena2011Book chapter
Welfare_State_Realities_in_Macedonia_Tre.pdf.jpgWelfare state realities in Macedonia: Trends and perspectivesGerovska Mitev, Maja 2016Book chapter
When_Active_is_Passive_Conditional_Cash.pdf.jpgWhen Active is Passive: Conditional Cash Transfers and Employment Creation in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja 2017Book chapter
Евтаназија.pdf.jpgБиоетичките аспекти во дебатата за евтаназијатаДонев, Дејан 2013Book chapter