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Activation functions’ impact on regularization of deep neural networks application in atomic simulationsSandjakoska, Ljubinka; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2022Proceedings
Analysis of Text Classification MethodsKolevski, Goran; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2011Proceedings
Application of Data Mining Methods for Classification of Student Results from Conveying an ECTS Faculty CourseStankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2011Proceeding article
Architecture of an electronic student services system and its implementationChorbev, Ivan; Gushev, Marjan ; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2012Proceedings
Bioinformatics–the Machine Learning ApproachMadevska Bogdanova, Ana2003Proceedings
Biosensors technology in massive civil disastersMadevska Bogdanova, Ana; Simjanoska, Monika; Ackovska, Nevena ; Kostoska, Magdalena ; Koteska, Bojana ; Tashkoski, Martin9-Jun-2016Journal Article
Blood pressure class estimation using CNN-GRU modelKuzmanov, Ivan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Kostoska, Magdalena 2022Proceedings
Blood pressure class estimation using CNN-GRU modelKuzmanov, Ivan; Kostoska, Magdalena ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2022Proceedings
Blood pressure classification using CNN-LSTM modelKuzmanov, Ivan; Vasilevska, Anastasija; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Ackovska, Nevena ; Kostoska, Magdalena ; Lehocki, FedorSep-2022Proceedings
Comparing emotion recognition from voice and facial data using time invariant featuresKirandziska, Vesna ; Ackovska, Nevena ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2-Mar-2016Article
Comparison of AI-enhanced educational games for students with disabilitiesTaneska, Marija; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2023Journal Article
Data-driven Autism Biomarkers Selection by using Signal Processing and Machine Learning TechniquesAntovski, Antonio; Kostadinovska, Stefani; Simjanoska, Monika; Eftimov, Tome; Ackovska, Nevena ; Madevska Bogdanova, AnaFeb-2019Proceeding article
DNA chips in BioinformaticsMadevska Bogdanova, Ana2007Proceedings
CIIT2020_paper_13.pdf.jpgEducational robots in preschool educationTodorovska, Kristina; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana8-May-2020Proceeding article
eHealth platform prototype for real-time biosensor data transferKostoska, Magdalena ; Koteska, Bojana ; Simjanoska, Monika; Tashkoski, Martin; Ackovska, Nevena ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Golubovski, Roman 2016Proceeding article
Estimation of Respiratory Rate from ECG signal in Python programming languageŽňava, Eduard; Lehocki, Fedor; Tyšler, Milan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Kostoska, Magdalena ; Masár, Oto; Spasenović, Marko; Puteková, SilviaSep-2022Proceedings
Evaluation of Python HeartPy Tooklit for Heart Rate extraction from PPGHristina, Mitrova; Koteska, Bojana ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Lehocki, Fedor; Ondrusova, Beata; Ackovska, Nevena 2021Proceedings
Fast Cuffless Blood Pressure Classification with ECG and PPG signals using CNN-LSTM Models in Emergency MedicineKuzmanov, Ivan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Kostoska, Magdalena ; Ackovska, Nevena 23-May-2022Proceeding article
Game-based learning approach in computer science in primary education: A systematic reviewVidenovik, Maja; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Trajkovik, Vladimir31-Oct-2023Journal Article
Game-based learning in computer science education: a scoping literature reviewVidenovik, Maja; Vold, Tone; Kiønig, Linda; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana; Trajkovik, Vladimir6-Sep-2023Journal Article