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Economic Evaluation of Investment Project for Maintenance of Urban ForestryNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Gaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka2016Journal Article
document.pdf.jpgThe effects on the aggregate demand and aggregate supply during the great economic depressionGaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka; Naumoski, Aleksandar 2016Journal Article
Naumoski-Gaber-GaberNaumoska-UTMSJOE-8 (2) pp. 67–77.pdf.jpgEmpirical Distribution of Stock Returns of Southeast European Emerging MarketsNaumoski, Aleksandar ; Gaber, Stevan; Gaber Naumoska, Vasilka2017Journal Article
document.pdf.jpgThe great economic depression and the fiscal policyGaber Naumoska, Vasilka; Gaber, Stevan; Naumoski, Aleksandar 2016Journal Article