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Izvestaj od kalkulator za personalna inflacija-FINAL.pdf.jpgAnalyses of the personal inflation in the Republic of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Nikolov, Marjan; Risteski, Hristijan; Naskovski, Mile2010Technical Report
Analiza_Politiki_Soc_Ink_PTrud-w-disclamer-CIP-21092016.pdf.jpgAnalysis and review of policies for social inclusion of young peopleTrenovski, Borce ; Garvanlieva, Vesna; Dimovska, Gabriela2016Monograph
74-Article Text-274-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgAnalysis of the Effects of the Economic Crisis in Greece on the Macedonian EconomyTrenovski, Borce 2010Journal Article
ANALYSIS OF THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN REAL COMPENSATION GROWTH AND LABOR PRODUCTIVITY GROWTH IN SELECTED COUNTRIES.pdf.jpgAnalysis of the interactions between real compensation growth and labor productivity growth in selected countriesTrenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana ; Kozeski, Kristijan; Merdzan, Gjunter2019Other
70-Article Text-258-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgAnalysis Of The Status And Structure Of The Consumption Of Students And Pensioners In MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2009Journal Article
GraganskiBudgetFinalS.pdf.jpgCitizens Budget of R. Macedonia for 2013Nikolov, Marjan; Risteski, Hristijan; Trenovski, Borce 2013Technical Report
Comparative Report 2013 -2017: Financing of the local governments in the Republic of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2017Technical Report
Godisnik 2018 final (2).pdf.jpgThe Concept of Minimum Wage - The Case of the Republic Of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce ; Kozheski, Kristijan2018Journal Article
33-130-1-PB.pdf.jpgCost-benefit analysis of performance based budgeting implementationTrenovski, Borce ; Nikolov, Marjan2015Journal Article
Analiza-na-pazar-na-trud-pobaruvacka-final.pdf.jpgDemand for labor in the Northeast Region of Macedonia - analysis of the labor marketTrenovski, Borce ; Mitevski, Igor; Garvanlieva-Andonova, Vesna; Nikolov, Marjan; Dimovska, Gabriela2016Monograph
finfin-versioncreditgrowth-determinats-2017 (1).pdf.jpgDeterminants of Bank Credit Growth in MacedoniaPetkovski, Mihail ; Naumovska, Elena ; Jovanovski, Kiril ; Trenovski, Borce 2016Proceedings
Determinants Of The Citizens’ Usage Of Electronic Public Services In The Republic Of MacedoniaTrenovski, Borce 2019Journal Article
Annual2009-theorycircle.pdf.jpgEconomic theory, economic policy and economic practice –(case of R. Macedonia)Trenovski, Borce 2009Article
The effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policies in a small open economy – the case of MacedoniaPetrevski, Goran ; Trenovski, Borce ; Tashevska, Biljana May-2019Journal Article
2015.pdf.jpgEffects of The Global Economic Crisis on The World Economy - Financial and Real SectorTrenovski, Borche 2015Article
Efficiency of the fiscal policy and the fiscal multipliers – the case of the Republic of MacedoniaFilipovski, Vladimir ; Fiti, Taki ; Trenovski, Borce 2016Journal Article
Estimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countries.pdf.jpgEstimating a fiscal reaction function for the South East European countriesTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2018Proceeding article
Feasibility study on local government borrowing and issuing municipal bonds in Municipality of Veles/Municipality of Kumanovo / Municipality of Gostivar / Municipality of Strumica and Municipality of Kisela VodaTrenovski, Borce 2019Technical Report
Financing of the local governments in the Republic of Macedonia in 2018Trenovski, Borce 2019Technical Report