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Thoma et al 2019 DP virtues.pdf.jpgAdolescents’ Application of the Virtues Across Five Cultural ContextsThoma, Stephen; Walker, David; Chen, Yen-Hsin; Frichand, Ana ; Moulin-Stożek, Daniel; Kristjansson, Кristjan2019Journal Article
Between Ego(centr)ism and Cooperation: Would People Become Moraly Diseangaged or More Altruistic After the Covid-19 Pandemic?Фрицханд, Ана ; Донев, Дејан 2020Book chapter
Boundary Flexibility and Transitions Over The Work and Family Domains: Gender and Cross-cultural DifferencesBlazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Zaharia, Daniela; Chudzicka, Agata; Shurbanovska, Orhideja ; Frichand, Ana 2016Proceeding article
Can conflict resolution effectively deal.pdf.jpgCan Conflict Resolution Effectively Deal With Terrorism? Critical Overview of Contemporary Challenge to International Security.Frichand, Ana ; Gjurovski, Marjan2018Proceeding article
contemporary challenges to conflict resolution approach.pdf.jpgContemporary Challenges to Conflict Resolution Approach Towards Maintaining International SecurityFrichand, Ana ; Gjurovski, Marjan2018Proceeding article
Digital media revolution.pdf.jpgDigital Media Revolution and Political ViolenceMiloshevska, Tanja ; Bakreski, Oliver ; Frichand, Ana 2018Journal Article
from inclusive identities to inclusive societies.pdf.jpgFrom Inclusive Identities to Inclusive Societies: Exploring Complex Social Identity in the Macedonian ContextPajaziti, Ali; Blazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Frichand, Ana 2016Journal Article
Good Manners in Sport and Sports Culture - Prerequisite for Combating Sports ViolenceStojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana ; Anastasovski, Ivan ; Frichand, Ana ; Damovska, Lena 2016Journal Article
Life role salience and.pdf.jpgLife role salience and subjective well-being among macedonian employees. Does family-supportive organization perception moderate this relationship?Blazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Shurbanovska, Orhideja ; Frichand, Ana ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana 2018Journal Article
Prevention of Violence in Education.pdf.jpgPrevention of Violence in Education Through Socio-pedagogical Recommendations Based on the Perceived Level of Risk.Anastasovski, Ivan ; Frichand, Ana ; Popovski, L.2020Journal Article
risk factors increasing vulnerability.pdf.jpgRisk Factors Increasing Vulnerability of Migrant ChildrenMiloshevska, Tanja ; Frichand, Ana 2018Journal Article
the role of socio psychological approach.pdf.jpgThe Role of Socio-psychological Approach to Conflict Resolution in Maintaining (Inter)National Peace and StabilityFrichand, Ana ; Tashkovski, Igor2018Journal Article
The Role of Sports in Overcoming Aggression in Children and Adolescents.pdf.jpgThe role of sports in overcoming aggression in children and adolescentsFrichand, Ana ; Kitkanj, Zoran ; Anastasovski, Ivan ; Aleksovska Velichkovska, Lence2017Journal Article
Social Dominance Orientation and Trust in Institutions among Macedonian and Albanian Young AdultsFrichand, Ana ; Blazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana 2016Journal Article
towards inclusive social identities.pdf.jpgTowards Inclusive Social Identities in the Republic of MacedoniaPajaziti, Ali; Blazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Frichand, Ana ; Rustemi, Agron; Qose, Admir2017Book chapter
kognitiven razvoj i razvoj na poimi vo detstvoto_new.pdf.jpgВоспитувачот, логичкото мислење и когнитивната љубопитност кај децатаДамовска, Лена ; Фрицханд, Ана ; Шеху, Флорина2019Book chapter
razvoj na govorot vo prvite 6 godini_new.pdf.jpgВоспитувачот, писменоста и говорниот развој кај децатаДамовска, Лена ; Шеху, Флорина; Фрицханд, Ана ; Барбареев Кирил2019Book chapter
africhand2007.pdf.jpgВредности, вредносни ориентации, морални ставови и модели за идентификација во различни возрасни периодиФрицханд, Ана 2007Thesis
Disfunkcionalnost na semejstvoto i razvodot_new.pdf.jpgДисфункционалност на семејството и разводот: Ефекти врз развојот на децата и адолесцентитеКиткањ, Зоран ; Фрицханд, Ана 2017Proceeding article
kako do pobezbedni ucilista.pdf.jpgКако до побезбедни училиштаСтојаноска Иванова, Татјана ; Фрицханд, Ана 2017Monograph