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Optimum.pdf.jpgANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF ECONOMIC FACTORS UPON THE FDI INFLOW IN SEE AND CEE COUNTRIESMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Naumovska, Elena 25-Dec-2019Journal Article
p20.pdf.jpgCEFTA-2006 towards creation of a regional economic areaKikerkova, Irena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2018Journal Article
Chapter 4 - Sustainable Waste Management Practices: Challenges in the Republic of MacedoniaToshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2017Book chapter
Chapter Seven: A Trade Facilitation Agreement Tool to Facilitate and Secure TradeToshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2018Book chapter
296-Article Text-769-1-10-20171003.pdf.jpgCompetitiveness of the European Union: Pre-crisis Trends and Impact of the Financial CrisisMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Nenovski Tome2014Journal Article
JEI_31_2_326_352_2013600099.pdf.jpgDebt or Wage-led Growth: the European IntegrationMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, KaterinaJun-2016Journal Article
Enhancing regional cooperation througn custom digitalization in CEFTA - 2006Kocev, Ljuben ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2019Proceedings
Evidence of innovation performance in the period of economic recovery in EuropeMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Stojkoski, Viktor2018Journal Article
Factors affecting current account in the Republic of MacedoniaMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Journal Article
Human Freedom and Economic Prosperity: Evidence from Eastern EuropeMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Katerina Shapkova Kocevska2019Journal Article
The Impact of a Crisis on the Innovation Systems in Europe: Evidence from the CIS10 Innovation SurveyToshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Stojkoski, Viktor2019Article
Economic studies 1-2015 Bugaria.pdf.jpgInfluence of the Euro Crisis on the Prospects of the European Single MarketMakrevska disoska, Elena Jan-2015Journal Article
document.pdf.jpgInfluence of Trade and Institutions on Economic Growth in Transitional Economies: Evidences from Countries from Central and Eastern Europe and Western BalkansKocevska shapkova, Katerina; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
Innovation performance of European SMEs: determined by regional or firm specific factors?Makrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina Sep-2019Journal Article
2082-1497354797.pdf.jpgIntegration in the European Union as a double-edge sword for the Western BalkansMakrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
Meѓународни организации и интеграцииМакревска дисоска, Елена 2018Book
Panel data analysis.pdf.jpgPanel data analysis of the impact of economic and institutional factors upon the FDI inflow in SEE countriesMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Kikerkova, Irena ; Naumovska, Elena 2018Journal Article
[22280596 - Baltic Journal of European Studies] Re-shaping the Model of Economic Growth of the CEE Countries.pdf.jpgRe-shaping the Model of Economic Growth of the CEE CountriesMakrevska disoska, Elena 2016Journal Article
Regional potential of CEFTA-2006 and its future challengesMakrevska disoska, Elena ; Tome Nenovski2014Journal Article