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Title: Losing weight at female recreationists with body building
Authors: Shukova Stojmanova, Daniela
Dimeski, Filip
Jasmina Pluncevic Gligoroska 
Keywords: recreationists,
body building,
body mass index,
percent of muscle tissue,
water percent
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Health, Sport and Physical Education in Skopje
Journal: Research in Physical Education, Sport and Health
Abstract: The research was conducted on a sample consisted of 10 female recreationalists between the age of 20 to 30 years old, who wanted to lose weight and to decrease the percentage of fat mass. In order to track the changes in the body composition, four variables were measured: body mass (BM), percentage of body fat (%BF), water percentage (%W) and percentage of muscle tissue (%MT). In order to see the time when the changes appear, the subject were measured 3 times - first time before the start of the exploration (initial measurement), at the end of the second month (control measurement) and at the end of the forth month (final measurement). The group was exercising 1 ½ hours, 5 times a week, mostly in the morning. In order to estimate the differences between initial and control measurements, between control and final measurements, and between initial and final measurements, T – test of small dependent samples was applied. From the obtained results it can be concluded that at the end, the final goal was achieved, a decrease in both, body mass (BM) and percentage of body fat (%BF).
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