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Title: Skopje’s Mega Block: Modern Architecture as an Art of Grafting
Authors: Meri Batakoja
Keywords: grafting, modern architecture, Skopje, context
Issue Date: 2018
Source: Batakoja, Meri. “Skopje’s Mega Block: Modern Architecture as an Art of Grafting”. In 99 Files #Skopje Brutalism Digital Archive, 2018:
Abstract: The formative idea of “grafting” or “graftage” is originally a horticultural technique of inserting tissues from one plant to another in order for them to join together and continue to grow as a single plant. The technique of “graftage” in architectural context would mean that a new architecture is being interpolated over an old one, but by a set of treatments used, the different architectural interventions function as a single entity. It is presented in this text in the context of modern architecture of one singular urban block of Skopje.
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