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Title: Medical faculty student's opinion on the significance of anatomy education and methodologies for practical teaching during the III-rd semesterr
Authors: Jurkovikj, Dragica 
CHadikovska, Elizabeta 
Keywords: anatomy education,
student's opinion,
practical teaching,
teaching methodology
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Faculty of Medicine, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Journal: Physioacta
Abstract: Objectives: To take in foresight the student`s opinion to the significance of anatomy education and methodologies for practical teaching and to implement it into further changes of anatomy education. Material and method: A previously formulated questionnaire about goals of anatomy education and practical model (teaching) was used to perceive student`s opinion. The participants were students of Medical Faculty who practiced the IIIrd semester. Out of 162 participants 87 were women, 30 were men, 12 did not indicate their sex, and the remaining 33 questionnaires because of incomplete filling were exluded by analysis. The results obtained were compared with data of similar questionnaire based-studies. Results: Student`s opinion was that as a main goals of anatomy education still were the medical terminology and human body structure. Also, the obtained results sertified high importance to the preparation to the clinical clerkship and fostering of professionalism. For the adequacy of time for anatomy lectures and practice, as well as, for Anatomy 3 credit the option adequate was confirmed in the highest percent. To acquire anatomy knowledge to students working of choice was a group from the 5 students and mainly for all of the used methods and teaching aids affirmative responses were verified. To the usefulness of the dissection hall for acquiring knowledge of anatomy less than 80% of students were agree. Also, their opinion was that the computer assisted teaching cannot completely replace the dissected cadavers. The attendance and continual revision were the real prerequisite for coming up to the examination. The descriptive questions, short essay questions and multiple choice questions were confirmed separately and in the highest percent in totality. In conclusion: The new methodologies and techniques must be incorporated in the anatomy education, but the student`s and educator`s health comes first.
ISSN: 1857-5587
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