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Title: Numerical Procedure for Long Term Deflection Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Elements Subjected to Different Load Histories
Authors: Docevska Marija
Markovski Goran
Arangjelovski Toni
Nakov Darko
Mark Peter
Keywords: step-by-step, load history, long-term deflections, moment-curvature relations
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers, Faculty of Civil Engineering Skopje
Source: Marija Docevska, Goran Markovski , Toni Arangjelovski, Darko Nakov and Peter Mark, “Numerical procedure for long-term deflection prediction of RC elements subjected to different load histories”, MASE 17th International Symposium, Ohrid, 4th – 7th October 2017, ISBN 978-608-4510-32-1.
Conference: 17-th International Symposium of Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers
Abstract: The influence of expected but idealized load histories typical for structural service conditions during life-time was studied with a special emphasis on long-term serviceability of RC structures. For that purpose, a numerical step-by-step cross-sectional procedure based on the Age-Adjusted Effective Modulus Method (AAEMM) has been developed and successfully verified through existing experimental results applying it on simply supported RC beams and one-way slabs. First results confirmed that individual load histories and precisely tracking the stiffness reduction with time, are significant to realistically reflect the long-term behaviour of RC elements.
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