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Title: Redefinition of Flood Waters for the Kalimanci Dam
Authors: Violeta Gjesovska, Ivana Lefkova, Goce TASESKI
Keywords: hydrological analysis, watershed, flood, discharge, precipitation
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Civil Engineering Faculty – Skopje
Conference: 16th International Symposium on Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering – WMHE 2019
Abstract: Definition of flood waters, their intensity and duration is the most important factor in defining the relevant flood waters for proportioning hydro-technical structures and protection against flood waters. Due to changes of natural factors and changed conditions under the influence of anthropogenic factors taking place at already constructed hydrotechnical structures, redefinition of flood waters is an extremely important measure in forecasting floods and timely undertaking of corresponding activities for prevention or reduction of their consequences. Presented in this paper are the results of the hydrological analysis of the Kalimanci dam basin carried out for the purpose of redefining flood waters. The analyses of the physical-geometrical characteristics of the drainage area carried out by use of DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and application of SWAT (Soil & Water Assessment Tool), a hydrological analysis module from the Geographic Information Software (GIS), are presented further in the text. Flood waters with different return periods will be redefined by use of statistic methods based on data from measurements of Bregalnica river flow (1961-2005) and Kamenichka Reka river flow (1986-2005). Shown further in the paper will be the results of the calculation of the maximum flood waters (MPF-Maximum Probable Flood waters) in the basin. MPF will be calculated by taking into account a series of data on maximum annual daily rainfall, measured at the dam itself, in the period 2005 to 2017. The results of these analyses will be presented in a tabular and graphic form.
ISBN: 978-608-4510-33-8
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