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Apoptotic cell death in correlation of attachment loss during periodontal diseaseMinovska A, Pandilova M, Janevska.2004Article
The appearance of the “Baby bottle caries”Kokoceva-Ivanovska O.2017Article
Appliance of gengigel in treatment of periodontal diseasePopovska M, Atanasovska Stojanovska A, Radojkova Nikolovska V.2008Article
Application of Bio-Oss in bone defects of mandibulaAndonovska B, Dimova C, Jurukovska-Sotarovska V, Evrosimovski T.2009Article
Application of bioanalytical HPLC method for determination of betamethasone dipropionate in GCF for evaluatio of local periodontal tretmentBogdanovska L, Popovska M, Atanasovska Stojanovska A, Nakov N, Dimitrovska A, Petkova R.19-Mar-2011Article
Application of different types of magnet retention systems in the prosthetic practiceVelevski D, Pejkoska B, Shahpaska and Veleska Stevkovska D.2016Article
Application of electronic sensitive pressure probing method in periodontal practiceRadojkova V, Nakova M, Pandilova M, Stefanovska E, Dirjanska K, Ristoska S.2004Article
Application of general anesthesia as part of dental care for children with special needsAmbarkova V.2017Article
Application of gengigel in the treatment of gingival inflamationPopovska M, Kievski R, Angelovski B, Belazelkoska Z, Stefanovska E, Kanurkova L.2012Article
Application of night dentures during prosthetic rehabilitation in a patient with bruxism - a case studyPejkovska Shahpaska B, Kapusevska B, Stavreva N.Jun-2018Article
Application of night dentures during prosthetic rehabilitation in a patient with bruxism – a case studyBudima Pejkovska Shahpaska, Biljana Kapusevska, Natasha Stavreva.Jun-2018Article
Application of night dentures during prosthetic rehabilitation in a patient with bruxism-a case studyBudima Pejkovska Shahpaska, Biljana Kapusevska, Stavreva Natasha.Jun-2018Article
Application of platelet -rich fibrin in combination with bone substituent during preservation of extraction woundEvrosimovska B, Veleska-Stefkovska D, Popovska L.2018Article
APPLYING LASER IN ORAL SURGERYSimjanovska Lj, Simjanovski S, Sadiku A.2009Article
Applying acrylock and vario-soft 3 attachments in the contemporary dental prosthodonticsVeleski D, Antanasova M, Veleska -Stevkovska D.2012Article
Aquafluor - eфикасна заштита на хиперсензитивен дентинЕфтимоска М, Филиповска В.2006Article
Arrested eruption of the permanent lower second molarTosheska Spasova N, Gjorgova J, Misevska C, Spasov Z.2010Article
Assesment of gonial angle on panoramic radiographs and lateral cephalograms of Class I malocclusion subjectTosheska Spasova N, Misevska C, Spasov Z, Gjorgova J, Kanurkova L.2011Article
Assesment of mineralization of oral surgical defects in patients with diabetes mellitus according to HbA1CApostolova G, Peeva-Petreska M, Veleska-Stevkovska D, Mindova S, Pisevska Colakova N, Markovic-Temelkova S.2018Article
Assesment of salivary parameters (Ph and amylase) before and after exposition to polyol solutionsSarakinova O, Carcev M, Sabolik S, Kokoceva–Ivanovska O.2004Article