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Title: Das Deutsche in Nordmazedonien: Aufstieg zum Spitzenreiter der zweiten Fremdsprachen-Liga
Authors: Emina Avdić & Emilija Bojkovska
Keywords: Language policy, official languages, languages of (ethnic) communities, multilingualism, German as first, second and foreign language
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2023
Publisher: GFL, Journal German as a foreign language
Source: Harvard style
Journal: GFL: Journal German as a foreign language
Series/Report no.: 1/2024;
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to categorize the position of the German language in North Macedonia. Based on the language diversity in the country, first the a) national language policy, which regulates the use of the official languages and the languages of the (ethnic) communities, and then b) the foreign language policy, which promotes the learning of foreign languages in the education system, are considered. Using statistical data and supplementary findings of its own, the study examines German from the perspective of its use as a first, second and foreign language. The study shows that the most important status of German as a second foreign language is anchored in lower and upper secondary education and in adult education. Finally, the question is answered as to whether German in North Macedonia can be characterized as an additional language of society”.
ISSN: 1470 – 9570
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