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Title: Influence of the material from which the profile is made on the final quality of the window
Authors: Jevtoska, Elena 
Gruevski, GJorgi 
Keywords: construction carpentry, window, air permeability, water permeability, wind resistance, PVC profiles
Issue Date: 2023
Series/Report no.: Vol. VI;
Conference: 6th International scientific conference „Wood technology & product design“, Ohrid, 13-15 September, 2023: 163-169
Abstract: The window as a product used in construction aims to provide natural light and the possibility for ventilation in the building where it is placed but at the same time to protect the room from external influences such as wind and rain and to prevent uncontrolled cooling or heating of the building in which it is built-in. Given the purpose, a quality window is one that protects against air penetration, water penetration and provide wind resistance. The window is a complex product that is composed of different parts that can be made of different materials. As part of this research, windows constracted from profiles made of different materials (wood, PVC, aluminum) with approximately the same dimensions of the profiles will be tested. The same type of glass package will be built in every window. The goal is to prove whether the material which is used for making the window profile has an impact on the final quality of the window. To carry out the research, thirty windows will be tested of which ten are made of wooden profile, ten of aluminum profile and ten of PVC profile in accordance with European norms EN 1026:2016 (test method for air permeability), EN 1027: 2016 (water permeability test method), EN 12211:2016 (wind resistance test method).
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