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Digital journey toward experimental architectures. Skopje brutalismTornatora, M., Bajkovski, B.2022Article
Dislocation of the Existing Railway and Bus Station in the City of Kumanovo and their Integration into a Transport Hub with Adjoining ContentsZinoski, M., Medarski, I., Solarska, S.2016Proceeding article
DOMESTICATING GARDENS. Excavating New Patterns of Growth for the CityMano Velevska, Marija ; Velevski, Slobodan ; Mickovski, Goran 2019Proceeding article
EDUCATING FOR A DEMOCRATIC PRACTICE OF ARCHITECTUREMejia Hernandez, Jorge; Havik. Klaske; Mano Velevska, Marija; Velevski, Slobodan 2020Book chapter
Energy and environmental performance of the office building facade scenariosKrstić-Furundžić, Aleksandra; Vujošević, Milica; Petrovski, AleksandarSep-2019Journal Article
mase 2015-1.pdf.jpgEnergy demand for achieving house standard as function of building envelopeCvetkovska M., Trpevski S., Andreev An., Trombeva-Gavriloska A., Lazarevska M., Papasterevski D.2015Proceeding article
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Potential Analysis of Residential Buildings according to their Architectural, Structural and Thermal CharacteristicsDimevska, L., Cvetkovska, M., Gavriloska, A.T.2019Article
Estimation of the market value of the factory damaged by fire[29] Knezevic, M., Cvetkovska, M., Lucic, D., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Lazarevska, M.2018Proceeding article
02-SINERGI_BOOK_TWO_e-Book.pdf.jpgExclusive Cities Inclusive BuildingsBakalchev, V., Bakalchev, M., Hadzi Pulja, M., Tasic, S.2016
The Experiential Museum – Avant-Garde Spatial Experiments and the Reorganization of the Human SensoriumMeri Batakoja; Karin ŠermanJul-2021Article
mase 2015-2.pdf.jpgExperimental analysis of mechanical characteristics of FRP materialsTrombeva-Gavriloska A., Cvetkovska M., Gaviloski V., Lazarevska M., Samardzioska T.2015Proceeding article
ZEMAK 2018-2.pdf.jpgEден начин на користење на топлински пумпи во инсталации со вентилатор конвектори кај објекти од постар датумТромбев, Ѓ., Тромбева-Гаврилоска, А., Андреевски, И.2018Proceeding article
COST FP1404-2.pdf.jpgFire safe use of bio-based building products in MacedoniaCvetkovska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Jakimovska-Popovska, V.2015Proceeding article
Bakalchev_MS_ 2015.pdf.jpgForgetting the City: Tactics of Transformation of the City in MotionMinas Bakalchev, Violeta Bakalchev, Saša TasićMar-2015Article
Frames of References – Art Museums as Unique Visual MediaAneta Hristova; Meri Batakoja2015Proceedings
Minas Bakalchev et al..pdf.jpgFrom Collective Form to Collective Housing. Case study of Skopje Housing PocketsMinas Bakalchev, Sasha TasicOct-2014Proceeding article
From Model Housing to Possible Housing, the Strange Case of the Prolet Settlement, SkopjeBakalchev, V., Tasic, S., Hadzi-Pulja, M., Bakalchev, M.Jun-2017
From My Home to Our Home, Towards the Contemporary Collaborative EventsBakalchev, V., Tasic, S., Hadzi Pulja, M., Bakalchev, MMar-2018Article
From narratives to strategies: regeneration through urban border condition in SkopjeMarina, Ognen, Mano Velevska, Marija, Velevski, Slobodan2015Proceeding article
Global Dwelling-Intertwining Research, Community Participation and PedagogyMadrazo, Leandro2017Book chapter