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Title: First Report of Bovine Coenurosis in North Macedonia
Authors: Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar 
Rashikj, LJubica 
Dimitrievski, Boris
Trajchovski, Aleksandar
Shikoska, Ivana
Dimov, Petre
Cvetkovikj, Iskra 
Stefanovska, Jovana 
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2024
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH
Journal: Macedonian Veterinary Review
Abstract: Coenurosis is a cystic parasitic disease affecting ruminants and other mammals worldwide. The disease is caused by Coenurus cerebralis, the larval stage of the tapeworm Taenia multiceps. Sheep and goats are frequently infected, while cases in cattle are rare. Here we describe the first recorded case of bovine coenurosis in North Macedonia. The diagnosis was based on the neurological clinical signs and the postmortem findings of a 1-year-old bull with symptoms typical for coenurosis, i.e. ataxia, circling movements, mild depression and impaired vision. Postmortem, a cyst was found in the left cerebral hemisphere and was confirmed as fertile Coenurus cerebralis by parasitological analysis. These findings suggest that coenurosis should be considered part of the differential diagnosis in cattle with neurological symptoms. This highlights the need for routine surveillance of this disease in livestock and proactive tracking of the parasite in the final hosts to enhance disease management.
DOI: 10.2478/macvetrev-2023-0029
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