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7-Economic-Development-17-3-2015.pdf.jpgBarriers of implementing open innovations in Macedonian SME’sJanevski, Zoran ; Davitkovska, Elena ; Petkovski, Vladimir Dec-2015Journal Article
Y18-3-2016-12.pdf.jpgCapital market and the determinants of development in the Republic of MacedoniaDjambaska, Elizabeta; Petkovski, Vladimir ; Lozanoska, Aleksandra Feb-2017Journal Article
11-CONSTRAINTS-OF-SMEs-IN-THE-REPUBLIC-OF-MACEDONIA-IN-THE-PROCESS-OF-PUBLIC-E-PROCUREMENT.pdf.jpgConstrains of SME’s in the Republic of Macedonia in the process of Public E-procurementJanevski, Zoran ; Davitkovska, Elena ; Petkovski, Vladimir Jun-2016Journal Article
03-Y20-1-2-2018.pdf.jpgDevelopment and promotion of new product in Small enterprises in the Republic of MacedoniaPetkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana; Daniloska, Natasha ; Boshkovska, Diana ; Petkovski, Vladimir Jun-2018Journal Article
DIGITAL ECONOMY AS A FACTOR FOR REALIZING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT-COMPARISON OF PRACTICES OF SIX SOUTHEAST EUROPEN COUNTRIESJanevski, Zoran ; Davitkovska, Elena ; Majovski, Irina ; Petkovski, Vladimir ; Petkovska Mirchevska, TatjanaJul-2017Proceeding article
DIGITAL ECONOMY IN SEE-6 COUNTRIES: AnalysisJanevski, Zoran ; Petkovski, Vladimir Feb-2017Article
DIGITAL SKILLS READINESS OF SELECTED WESTERN BALKAN COUNTRIESMajovski, Irina ; Janevski, Zoran ; Petkovski, Vladimir 2018Journal Article
3.DIGITAL-SKILLS-READINESS-OF-SELECTED-WESTERN-BALKAN-COUNTRIES.pdf.jpgDigital skills readiness of selected western Balkan CountriesMajovski, Irina ; Janevski, Zoran ; Petkovski, Vladimir Dec-2018Journal Article
2.ENTREPRENEURSHIP-IN-THE-PUBLIC-ENTERPRISES-IN-THE-REPUBLIC-OF-MACEDONIA-CONDITIONS-AND-PERSPECTIVES.pdf.jpgEntrepreneurship in the public enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia - conditions and perspectivesPetkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana; Georgieva Svrtinov, Vesna; Petkovski, Vladimir Dec-2018Journal Article
Factors affecting capital market development in the Republic of MacedoniaKostadinoska Miloseska, Snezana; Boshkovska, Diana ; Petkovski, Vladimir 2017Proceeding article
2.FISCAL-IMPLICATIONS-FROM-THE-POLITICAL-CRISIS-IN-THE-REPUBLIC-OF-NORTH-MACEDONIA.pdf.jpgFiscal implications from the political crisis in the Republic of North MacedoniaKostadinoska Miloseska, Snezana; Petkovski, Vladimir Jun-2019Journal Article
The fundamental considerations of the public debtPetkovski, Vladimir ; Djambaska, Elizabeta; Kostadinoska Miloseska, SnezanaFeb-2017Journal Article
Lozanoska_Djambaska_Petkovski_GENDER-INEQUALITY-ON-THE-MACEDONIAN-LABOUR-MARKET_pp_599-606.pdf.jpgGender inequality on the Macedonian labour marketLozanoska, Aleksandra ; Djambaska, Elizabeta; Petkovski, Vladimir 2019Proceeding article
1.-GOVERNMENT-INSTITUTIONAL-SUPPORT-FOR-FOSTERING-SMEs-INNOVATION-IN-WESTERN-BALKAN-COUNTRIES.pdf.jpgGovernment institutional support for fostering SME’s innovation in Western Balkan countriesPetkovska, Mirchevska Tatjana; Daniloska, Natasha ; Boshkovska, Diana ; Petkovski, Vladimir ; Majstoroska, JasminaDec-2019Journal Article
The Impact Of Social Transfers On Inequality Measured By Gini Index: The Example Of MacedoniaKozuharov, Saso; Petkovski, Vladimir 2018Journal Article
document.pdf.jpgThe impact of socio-economic factors on the youth unemployment-the case of republic of north MacedoniaPetkovski, Vladimir ; Petkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana; Daniloska, Natasha ; Boshkovska, Diana 2019Proceeding article
book_of_abstracts_2017.pdf.jpgMACROECONOMIC DETERMINANTS OF NON-PERFORMING LOANS IN CEE COUNTRIES: 2005-2015Georgieva-Svrtinov, Vesna; Hadzi Naumova-Mihajlovska, Katerina; Petrovska-Angelovska, Neda; Petkovski, Vladimir Oct-2017Other
The Main Consideration of Public Debt in the Republic of MacedoniaKostadinoska Miloseska, Snezana; Janeska, Verica ; Djambaska, Elizabeta; Lozanoska, Aleksandra ; Petkovski, Vladimir 1-Aug-2018Book
Boshkovska_Djambaska_Petkovski_Georgieva_Svrtinov.pdf.jpgMarket capitalization and factors of its determination – the case of Republic of MacedoniaBoshkovska, Diana ; Djambaska, Elizabeta; Petkovski, Vladimir ; Georgieva Svrtinov, Vesna2016Journal Article
PROSPECTS FOR DIGITAL ECONOMY IN SIX COUNTIRES IN SOUTHEAST EUROPEJanevski, Zoran ; Petkovski, Vladimir ; Popovski, Vasil 2017Journal Article