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Title: Green economy implementation in agriculture sector – empirical research in Republic of North Macedonia
Authors: Hadzi Naumova-Mihajlovska K., Petroska-Angelovska N., Takovska M.
Keywords: green economy, agriculture sector, Republic of North Macedonia
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Institute of economics-Skopje
Journal: Economic Development, Journal of Institute of economics-Skopje
Abstract: Agriculture sector plays a significant role in the national economy in the Republic of North Macedonia and has strong linkages to other sectors. Its direct and indirect effect on people and environment additionally makes it important for implementation of principles of green economy. Agriculture can provide livelihoods and food security for population, reduce the risks from climate change and meet increasing demand for energy in terms of energy production shortage in the country. Although the pandemic further has complicated the situation in the Macedonian economy, it gives an advantage for development of the concept of green economy that is, by efficient use of resources and respect for the principles of natural laws to find new technological and innovative solutions that will contribute to production of food and agricultural goods on a sustainable basis, pollution reduction and maintaining and increasing farm production and profitability of agriculture sector. Therefore, the main purpose of the paper is to analyze the agriculture sector of the Republic of North Macedonia in terms of the ability to implement the concept of green economy. Based on empirical research conducted among agricultural entities, recommendations are given with the aim of creating public policies for a better implementation of the principles of green economy in agriculture. The acceptance of paper recommendations in order to promote the implementation of the green economy concept will give an opportunity for agriculture sector to achieve its goals while protecting the environment, strengthening natural capital and energy efficiency of resources. In that context, principles of green economy in agriculture sector should be a significant part of long-term strategy for sustainability in the Republic of North Macedonia.
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