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Characteristics of fruit from Jujube-MANU (2016).pdf.jpgCHARACTERISTICS OF FRUIT FROM DIFFERENT PROGENIES OF JUJUBE (ZIZYPHUS JUJUBA MILL.)Aleksandar Markovski29-Mar-2016
12.JMABalkans-Dynamics of Cudrang rooting (2016).pdf.jpgDYNAMICS OF ROOTING OF STOREHOUSEBUSH (CUDRANIA TRICUSPIDATA (CARRIÈRE.) BUR. EX LAV.) CUTTINGSAleksandar Markovski30-Apr-2016
JMABalkans-Zizizphus seed germination (2016).pdf.jpgSeed germination of different chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) genotypesAleksandar Markovski30-Apr-2016