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Title: Quasi-equicontinuous exponential families of generalized function C-semigroups in locally convex spaces
Authors: M. Kostic, S. Pilipovic, D. Velinov
Keywords: C-distributions semigroups, C-ultradistribution semigroups, Integrated C-semigroups, Convoluted C-semigroups, Well-posedness, Locally convex spaces
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Springer
Project: Grant 174024
Abstract: Our main goal in this paper is to investigate the quasi-equicontinuous exponential C-distribution semigroups and quasi-equicontinuous exponential C-ultradistribution semigroups in the setting of sequentially complete locally convex spaces. We contribute to previous work and the work of many other authors, providing additionally plenty of various examples and applications of obtained results.
ISSN: 1578-7303
DOI: 10.1007/s13398-017-0488-2
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