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Title: Sveobuhvatni pristup NATO-a sajber odbrani
Authors: Cvetkovski, Sergej 
Kenkov, Vancho 
Keywords: cyber space, cyber attacks, cyber defense, NATO, comprehensiveness
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: Fakultet za kriminalistiku, kriminologiju i sigurnosne studije
Source: Cvetkovski, S., Kenkov, V. (2019), "Sveobuhvatni pristup NATO-a sajber odbrani", Kriminalističke teme, Zbornik radova 19.5, pp. 501-514.
Journal: Kriminalističke teme
Conference: XVIII Dani kriminalističkih nauka, Međunarodnа naučnа konferencijа „Contemporary challenges in cyber security “
Abstract: Reason for writing and research problem (s): In the era of domination of information technology, cyber space has become a significant security issue for governments that are forced to take additional measures to enhance cyber security. Aims of the paper (scientific and/or social): In a situation of increased use of informa- tion technology in today's globalized world, cyber defense is becoming a high priority not only for individual countries, but also for their collective mechanisms. Methodology/Design: This paper addresses the problems of NATO cyber defense and cyber security and the possible defeating effects and consequences of cyber attacks. To this end, the authors will use the available expert literature and online publications on this subject, on which a qualitative analysis of the content will be applied. Research/Paper limitation: The authors of the paper make an attempt to elaborate NA- TO's co-ordinated and comprehensive approach in achieving effective cyber defense and security of communication and information systems for Alliance members and their Partners. Results/Findings: The burden of the research will be on the strategic and operational security and defense measures of the Alliance because there is limited availability of information on tactical level measures that are kept confidential. The issues that arise are: how much does the NATO Alliance seriously consider the risks of cyber attacks, in which way it reflects the changes in the defense policy and strategic concepts of the Alliance, what is the approach to tackling this new security challenge and what are the commitments at the level the alliance to further improve security in cyber space?! General Conclusion: The answer is that NATO's focus in the next decade must be on the development of cyber power. Research/Paper Validity: Technology is at the heart of our tightly knit societies. Modern societies' reliance on information technology implies obvious security problems. Cyber threats and attacks are becoming more common, sophisticated and harmful. Even the military and security services that rely heavily on cyberspace to carry out their missions are not immune to such attacks.
ISSN: 1512-5505
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