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Title: The Concept of International Responsibility of State in the International Public Law System
Authors: Milka Dimitrovska
Keywords: International responsibility of state; international law; international subject; sovereignty; coercion mechanisms
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Institute for Research and European Studies
Journal: Journal of Liberty and International Affairs
Abstract: The goal of the paper is to depict the international responsibility of state as the closest link to the core, axiology and teleology of the international law. The concept of international responsibility could be interpreted as an inter-phase, a stadium between the state sovereignty in internal sense, on one hand and the ultimate goal of realistically feasible implementation of the principles of the international law, saliently with coercion (as a paramount hierarchical level), on the other. The focus would be on the actions, capacities and attributes of state as an active and passive subject of paramount significance in the establishment of international legal touchstones for its international responsibility, as well as on the contextual correlation among the international community, the state and specific international legal subsystems. The issue of quantification of the gravity of the wrongfulness of the act is essential for differential determination of the international responsibility of state.
ISSN: ISSN 1857-9760
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