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Comparison of ultrasound images of ovaries and blood level of Progesterone and Estradiol during estrous cycle, in postpartum period and in infertile cows (in Croatian)Toni Dovenski1997
The level of iron and copper in serum of piglets with innate growth retardation (runting piglets)Ulčar I., Ilievska Ksenija, Naletoska Natalija, Naletoski I., Tosevski J., Trenkoska Pandorče2005Proceedings
Trud-1.pdf.jpgO-11 Microscopicmorphologicalinvestigation of deplastinatedpigkidneysectionRistoski, Trpe ; Pendovski, Lazo ; Ilieski, Vlatko 2006Article
Trud-2.pdf.jpgImmunohistochemical detection and distribution of the viral gp55 antigen in pigs naturally infected with classical swine fever virusRistoski, Trpe ; Milijana Knezevic; L. Carrasco; F.J. Salguero; A. Nunez; J. Tosevski2006Article
Trud-4 i 5.pdf.jpgDirectpulp-cappingwithcalciumhydroxide and dental adhesiveshistologicalexamination.Ristoski, Trpe ; Kovacevska I.; Georgiev Z.; Dimova C.2006
Trud-6.pdf.jpgBiodistribution of [131I]-5-Aminosalicylic acid loaded chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles after peroral application to Wistar ratswith TNBS colitis.Mladenovska, Kristina ; Renata S. Raicki; Janevik E. I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Pavlova Maja J.; Glavas M. D.; Banev S.; Goracinova K.2006
Trud-3.pdf.jpgDetection of Chlamydophilapsittaci in free-living birdsusing ELISA and ImmunohistochemicalmethodsIlieski, Vlatko ; Pendovski, Lazo ; Ristoski, Trpe ; Dodovski, Aleksandar ; D. Mitevski2006Article
Trud-4 i 5.pdf.jpgThe effect of depo-medrolon experimentally exposed pulps in ratsRistoski, Trpe ; Popovska - perchinikj, Florina 2006Article
Firstreport of Circoviralinfection in pigs in Republic of MacedoniaRistoski, Trpe ; mrenoski, slavco; cvetkovic iskra2007Article
Trud-7.pdf.jpgColon-specific delivery of 5-aminosalicylic acid from chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles.Mladenovska, Kristina ; Renata S; Raicki, E.; Janevik I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Pavlova Maja J.; Dodov M. G.; Goracinova K.2007
Antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella spp. Isolates from different types of raw meats and mechanically deboned meat from import in R. of MacedoniaJankuloski Dean; Ratkova Marija; Kostova Sandra; Angelovski Ljupco; Erakovic Tokalic Irena; Sekulovski Pavle2008Article
Quality of raw cow milk in Republic of Macedonia determined through the testing of somatic cell count and total viable countAngelovski Ljupco; Jankuloski Dean; Kostova Sandra; Ratkova Marija; Erakovic Tokalic Irena; Sekulovski Pavle2008Article
Prevalence of Campylobacter spp. in poultry meat and meat products imported in Republic of MacedoniaKostova Sandra; Jankuloski Dean; Ratkova Marija; Angelovski Ljupco; Erakovic Tokalic Irena; Sekulovski Pavle2008Article
Immunohistochemical diagnosis of porcine circovirus from pigs with postweaning multisistemic wasting syndromeRistoski, Trpe ; mrenoski, slavco; cvetkovic iskra2008
Метаболички профил кај млечни крави од различни категорииУлчар И., Целеска Ирена, Илиевска Ксенија, Митров Д., Џаџовски И.2008Article
Factors that influence high bacterial count in raw cow milkAngelovski Ljupco; Sekulovski Pavle; Jankuloski Dean; Kostova Sandra; Ratkova Marija; Prodanov Mirko2009Article
Research for role of official veterinary inspector in cross contamination of offal and carcass at slaughterline with the use of marker microorganismsJankuloski Dean; Prodanov Mirko; Angelovski Ljupco; Ratkova Marija; Kostova Sandra; Sekulovski Pavle2009Article
Prevalence of pathogen microorganisms in raw cow milkAngelovski Ljupco; Sekulovski Pavle; Jankuloski Dean; Ratkova Marija; Kostova Sandra; Prodanov Mirko2009Article
Impact of cholesteroldietonmitochondrial 18 kda translocator protein (TSPO) in the aorta of apoEknockout mice.Jasmina Dimitrova-Shumkovska; L. Veenman; Ristoski, Trpe ; Dosic-Markovska B2009
Trud-13.pdf.jpgCircovirus diseases in swineRistoski, Trpe ; Cvetkovik, Iskra; Segales, Joaqim2009