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Assessment of The Success Of Potential Managers Within An Organization And Proposals For ImprovementB. Andonovic; A. Zhabevska-Zlatevski; K. Lisichkov; A. Dimitrov2017Article
Criteria for Assesing the Success of new ManagersB. Andonovic; A. Zhabevska-Zlatevski; K. Lisichkov; A. Dimitrov2015Article
Laue functions model vs Scherrer equation in determination of graphene layers number on the ground of XRD dataB. Andonovic; M. Temkov; A. Ademi; A. Petrovski; A. Grozdanov; P. Paunović; A. Dimitrov2014Article
Pathways for the Production of Non-stoichiometric Titanium OxidesP. Paunović; A. Petrovski; G. Načevski; A. Grozdanov; M. Marinkovski; B. Andonović; P. Makreski; O. Popovski; A. Dimitrov2015Book chapter