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ACTN3 association on maximal muscle power, after 6 weeks of power trainingVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Aceski, Aleksandar ; Hristovski, Robert ; Popovski, Zoran Jun-2021Article; Journal Article
Alcohol consumtion habits among young adults, with sedentary and active live styleGligorovski A.,&; Shukova Stojmanovska D.Dec-2018Article
Alpine climbing as a sportVuksanovikj, Vladimir 2009Journal Article
Anaerobic threshold – definition and how testVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Klincharov, Ilija ; Aceski, Aleksandar ; Tasevski, Zikica2017Article; Journal Article
Anthropometric Characteristics and Physical Performance of Young Elite Kosovo Soccer PlayersSylejmani, Blerim; Maliqi, Arben; Gontarev, Serjozha ; Haziri, Selami; Morina, Burim; Durmishaj, Endrit; Bajrami, AlbanDec-2019
Anthropometrical Characteristics and Somatotype of Young Macedonian Soccer PlayersGontarev, Seryozha; Kalac, Ruzdija; Zivkovic, Vujica; Ameti, Vullnet; Redjepi, AgimMar-2016Article
Anthropometry and Body Composition of Adolescents in MacedoniaMyrtaj, Nazim; Maliqi, Arben; Gontarev, Seryozha; Kalac, Ruzdija; Georgiev, Georgi ; Stojanoska, Biljana BojadzievaDec-2018Article
Application of optical measurement system in diagnostics in sport and physical activitiesAceski, Aleksandar ; Tufekchievski, Aleksandar ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2019Article; Journal Article
Application of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) to exercise behaviour among Macedonian college studentsElezim, Abdulla; Elezi, Gresa; Gontarev, Seryozha; Georgiev, Georgi 2019Article
Association between aerobic fitness and high blood pressure in adolescents in Macedonia evidence for criterion-referenced cut-pointsAvdi Pireva , Musa Selimi , Seryozha Gontarev, Georgi Georgiev30-Jun-2018Article
The association between high blood pressure, physical fitness and fatness in adolescentsGontarev Seryozha; Kalac, Ruzdija; Zivkovic, Vujica; Velickovska, Lence A; Telai, Besnik1-Feb-2017Article
Asymmetry of anthropometric dimensions and motor efficiency of table tennis players from Macedonia competing in the super and the first leagueSaiti, Agon; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2014Article; Journal Article
Body composition of females in two age groupsZeqiri L.,; Shukova Stojmanovska D.,; Georgiev G.Dec-2020Article
Cardiorespiratory coordination reveals training-specific physiological adaptationsGarcia-Retortillo, S; Gacto, M; O'Leary, T J; Noon, M; Hristovski, R; Balagué, N; Morris, M GAug-2019
The CaseJovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Dalip, Мetin; Regjepagikj, А2012Article; Journal Article
Changes in the anthropometric status of the upper arm and forearm in adolescents following a six-week programmed exercises with standard and modified repetitive loadsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Pop petrovski, Vancho 2013Article; Journal Article
Changes in the Muscle Strength of the Elbow Flexors Following a Six-week Experimental Procedure in Adolescents Monitored Through Isokinetic and Motor TestsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Handjiski Zoran,; Handjiska Eli,Jun-2014Journal Article
Changes of the anthropometrical measures of the flexor and extensor muscles of the elbow during the realization of six-week muscle program intended for transformation of the maximal muscle strengthNestorova, Mihaela ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski Jovan,; Vasilevska Nikodinovska, Violeta Jun-2015Journal Article
Changes of the maximal strength potential of the flexor muscles in the elbow joint after six weeks of programmed workout with standard and modified repetitive efforts done by the students of the Faculty for Physical Culture in SkopjeVuksanovikj, Vladimir May-2008Thesis