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Title: The Issue of Parental Competences in the Context of Early Childhood Development
Authors: Tasevska, Alma 
Keywords: parents, competences, development, program
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Paulo Freire Verlag
Source: Tasevska, Alma (2019). The Issue of Parental Competences in the Context of Early Childhood Development. In Ronald Lutz / Friso Ross / Stephanie Treichel (Hrsg.), Sozialarbeit des Südens, Bd. 7 - Family Structures in Change - Challenges of Transitional Phenomena. Paulo Freire.
Abstract: The modern concept of positive parenthood is a concept of the latest contemporary viewpoints, which emphasizes and foregrounds the parents’ responsibility towards their children, the rights of the children, their autonomy, authenticity and equality, as well as respect for the child’s personality as a whole, and all that casted into what is known as parental competences. The term parental competences implies knowledge of the child’s developmental characteristics; knowing what is best for your child within the framework of your own family, but outside of it as well; and knowing why, when and what kind of educational measures ought to be applied. Also, parents are expected to work on themselves, and to feel good about their roles as parents. All of these aspects lead to the need for parents to learn about parenting as one of the most grateful roles throughout the life cycle, and meanwhile to develop in that direction. The holistic approach in the treatment of parenthood conjoins three mutually dependent aspects: A) The child’s developmental needs; B) The parents’ ability to respond to the children’s needs; C) The situational parental context. These are exactly the aspects that give a picture of the parents’ positions and their connection with their own children, and in the meantime give an answer to two questions: how and in what way do parents act. In this context, dilemmas are being opened regarding parents’ self-perception, related to their competences, needs and opportunities for their children’s upbringing. This particular scientific study tries to give its own research and theoretical contribution to the treatment of the issue of parental competences.
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86585-915-0
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