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Distribution of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genes in Roma from Republic of MacedoniaPetlichkovski, A; Djulejic, E; Trajkov, D; Efinska-Mladenovska, O; Hristomanova, S; Kirijas, M; Senev, A; Spiroski, MDec-2011
Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genes in four human West Nile virus infections reported 2011 in the Republic of MacedoniaSpiroski, Mirko; Milenkovic, Zvonko; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Ivanovski, Ljubomir; Topuzovska, Irena Kondova; Djulejic, EliMar-2013Article
Total IgE Distribution in Food Allergy Suspected Patients in Republic of Macedonia (2001-2011)Mitkovska, Slavica Hristomanova; Trajkov, Dejan ; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Efinska-Mladenovska, Olivija; Spiroski, Mirko15-Jun-2015Article
FC gamma receptor polymorphisms in patients with immune thrombocytopeniaPavkovic, Marica; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Karanfilski, Oliver ; Cevreska, Lidija; Stojanovic, AleksandarApr-2018Article
Tumor necrosis factor gene polymorphisms in adult patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemiaPavkovic, M; Petlichkovski, A; Angelovic, R; Genadieva-Stavric, S; Cevreska, L; Stojanovic, AJun-2017Article
HLA-A, -B, -C and -DRB1 allele and haplotype frequencies in the Macedonian population based on a family studyKirijas, Meri ; Genadieva Stavrik, Sonja; Senev, Aleksandar; Efinska Mladenovska, Olivija; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar Mar-2018Article
Genetics in Macedonia-Following the international trendsSukarova-Angelovska, Elena; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar 2018Article
HLA profile of the donors in the Macedonian Bone Marrow Donor RegistryKirijas, Meri ; Genadieva Stavrik, Sonja; Trajkov, Dejan ; Hristomanova Mitkovska, Slavica; Senev, Aleksandar; Efinska Mladenovska, Olivija; Sibinovska, Olgica ; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar Dec-2018Article
CATH786577_Rev1 (1).pdf.jpgPredictors for Prognosis in Patients With Nonfatal Pulmonary Embolism: A Registry-Based Cohort StudyBosevski, Marijan; Krstevski, Gorjan; Gjorgievski, Atanas; Mitevska, Irena; Kostovska, Elizabeta Srbinovska26-Jul-2018Article
gmy149 (4).pdf.jpgProgression of carotid artery disease could stratify a risk of coronary artery disease patients with type 2 diabetesBosevski, Marijan; Nikolovski, Pece; Stojanovska, Lily; Apostolopoulos, Vasso1-Jan-2019Article
Ticcinelli_FP2017.pdf.jpgCoherence and Coupling Functions Reveal Microvascular Impairment in Treated HypertensionTiccinelli, Valentina; Stankovski, Tomislav ; Iatsenko, Dmytro; Bernjak, Alan; Bradbury, Adam E; Gallagher, Andrew R; Clarkson, Peter B M; McClintock, Peter V E; Stefanovska, Aneta2017Article
Shepard_MR11Letter_to_the_Editor.pdf.jpgReproducibility of LDF blood flow measurements: dynamical characterization versus averagingStefanovska, A; Sheppard, L W; Stankovski, Tomislav ; McClintock, P V ENov-2011Article
Kenwright_et_al-2015-Anaesthesia (1).pdf.jpgThe discriminatory value of cardiorespiratory interactions in distinguishing awake from anaesthetised states: a randomised observational studyKenwright, D A; Bernjak, A; Draegni, T; Dzeroski, S; Entwistle, M; Horvat, M; Kvandal, P; Landsverk, S A; McClintock, P V E; Musizza, B; Petrovčič, J; Raeder, J; Sheppard, L W; Smith, A F; Stankovski, Tomislav ; Stefanovska, ADec-2015Article
Iatsenko_RSTA13.pdf.jpgEvolution of cardiorespiratory interactions with ageIatsenko, D; Bernjak, A; Stankovski, Tomislav ; Shiogai, Y; Owen-Lynch, P J; Clarkson, P B M; McClintock, P V E; Stefanovska, A28-Aug-2013Article
Stankovski_EPJST2014.pdf.jpgA tutorial on time-evolving dynamical Bayesian inferenceStankovski, Tomislav ; Duggento, Andrea; McClintock, Peter V. E.; Stefanovska, AnetaDec-2014Article
entropy-17-04413 (9).pdf.jpgDetecting Chronotaxic Systems from Single-Variable Time Series with Separable Amplitude and PhaseLancaster, Gemma; Clemson, Philip; Suprunenko, Yevhen; Stankovski, Tomislav ; Stefanovska, Aneta23-Jun-2015Article
Stankovski_PRX.pdf.jpgCoupling Functions Enable Secure CommunicationsStankovski, Tomislav ; McClintock, Peter V. E.; Stefanovska, Aneta26-Feb-2014Article
Stankovski_NJP2015.pdf.jpgCoupling functions in networks of oscillatorsStankovski, Tomislav ; Ticcinelli, Valentina; McClintock, Peter V E; Stefanovska, Aneta6-Mar-2015Article
NadzinskiIEEE18.pdf.jpgExperimental Realization of the Coupling Function Secure Communications Protocol and Analysis of Its Noise RobustnessNadzinski, Gorjan; Dobrevski, Matej; Anderson, Christopher; McClintock, Peter V. E.; Stefanovska, Aneta; Stankovski, Mile ; Stankovski, Tomislav Oct-2018Article
Stankovski_PRL12.pdf.jpgInference of time-evolving coupled dynamical systems in the presence of noiseStankovski, Tomislav ; Duggento, Andrea; McClintock, Peter V E; Stefanovska, Aneta13-Jul-2012Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 48