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Authors: Kitevski, Goran
Iliev, Dejan 
Mijalov, Risto 
Keywords: foreign policy, integration, geopolitics, free trade, transformation
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka
Conference: 5th REDETE Conference: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TRANSITION ECONOMIES: Is free trade working for transitional and developing economies? Belgrade, October 28-30, 2016.
Abstract: With the independence after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Macedonia initiated the process of changing of the socio-political system. Such a transition is still active today, meaning that in the meantime the Republic of Macedonia faced a number of serious problems in the implementation of reforms in the system. The arduous process is presented in several developmental stages that have a different impact on the social situation in the country, from the argued aspects of the early ’90s privatization the present increased stages of emigration. For ineffective transition process, several factors and conditions can be underlined, which usually have broad geopolitical basis. Geopolitical features such as the geopolitical position of the country; country’s internal and foreign policy; European integration; neighborly relations and regional arrangements, along with the terms of globalization must be considered as major factors in the endless transition of Macedonian society. Some of them will be presented as positive, but some factors are taken into negative circumstances that represent the transition as an impossible project. Geopolitics of the transitional aspects will explain the current level of transformation of the Macedonian society, the development phase of the free market, the economic effects from the membership of the country in free trade associations and projections of the level of social, economic and political transformation in the next decade in context of geopolitical features and processes.
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