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Title: Some data about geotechnical engineering in the Republic of Macedonia
Authors: Jovanovski, Milorad 
Papić, Jovan
Sheshov, Vlatko
Keywords: Geotechnical engineering; Tradition; Natural hazards; Risks
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: WILEY, Ernst & Sohn
Conference: XVI DECGE
Abstract: The long tradition of Danube-European conferences obliges the geotechnical society to show highest respect to historical facts, as essential basis for further development. Having in mind that XVI Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering (DECGE) is held in Skopje, it is good occasion to present some histo¬ri-cal data connected with development of geotechnics in R. Macedonia (RM) to larger scientific community. Facts about teaching tradition, first-time-ever application of testing methods and some rare phenomenon – part of world geological heritage, are underlined. The authors also note details about present state of geotechnics in RM. Knowing that geotechnical hazards and risks are never confined with state borders, it is underlined that closer cooperation between experts in geotechnical family is necessary. The idea is to insure applicable engineering politics along Danube catchment area and wider, which confirms that the vision of Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects from the First DECGE to bring together geotechnical engineers is still – vital.
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