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Title: Digital Social Innovation for Better Connected Government: The Case of Republic of Macedonia
Authors: Najdova Natalija
Tasevska Belchovska Jasmina
Janeska sarkanjac, Smilka 
Sarkanjac, Branislav 
Trajanov, Dimitar 
Keywords: Social Innovation; Digital Social Innovation; ICT; Developing Country; Western Balkans, Republic of Macedonia
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: Social Innovation (SI) refers to new products, processes and methods that, in a creative and sustainable way, offer a better solution to social demands; which often requires changes in the practices of existing social systems. Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is ICT-based SI that uses digital technologies to invoke such changes. This chapter presents an insight into DSI in the Republic of Macedonia, and reports the results of a survey to show the level of understanding, awareness, and knowledge of DSI in the country. Although the idea of DSI is to bypass the governments, motivate people to self-organize, and solve their societal problems; results suggest that without a good strategy, enough funding, and suitable societal governance, it is difficult to tackle the challenges of raising the awareness of an individual or a community that it is they themselves who are the change-enablers as members of a social network.
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4570-6
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